Friday, January 28, 2005


Are you the Madonna type? Or are you more Tchaikovsky or Princess Diana?

Enneagram is a serious diagnostic tool for working out what you are really like.

Enneagram begins with the Sufis but has been adapted over the years.

The personality traits described by the Enneagram are probably related to propensities towards FIGHT, FLIGHT or SUBMIT behaviours.

According to the theory of Enneagram, there are 9 types of people:

To find out your type - take the free test at


If you are a type 1, a REFORMER like Ralph Nader, then your underlying motivation is to be RIGHT. What you must avoid is being inflexible, self-righteous and punitive.

Type 2 is the HELPER, like Princess Diana. Type 2's have to try to avoid being too willful and intrusive.

Type 3 is the MOTIVATOR, like Tony Blair and OJ Simpson. American culture is seen as being 3-ish. Type 3's have to take care to avoid seeming phony and in love with themselves.

Type 4 is the Romantic or Artist, like Tchaikovsky. They don't settle for the ordinary and are disturbed that most people do! They can show kindness at a very deep level but also know how to rile people. They are attracted to mysterious partners but are liable to reject these partners when they become less mysterious.

Type 5 are THINKERS like Wittgenstein or Stephen Hawking. They make good investigators but their independence may make their thinking either brilliant or idiosyncratic.

Type 6 are SKEPTICS/LOYALISTS, like Mel Gibson and Woody Allen. They are safety oriented and have a strong desire to be trusted and to trust. They can get into severe trouble if they put their faith into something malicious or unreliable.

Type 7 are GENERALISTS/ENTHUSIASTS like Madonna. They love stimulating activity. But they can become childi sh in their need for instant gratification.

Type 8 is the LEADER/CONFRONTER, like Kissinger and Stalin. The 8 is assertive and dominant. But when they are insecure, they can become tyrannical, destructive and self-serving.

Type 9 is the PEACEMAKER/MEDIATOR like prince Charles or Nelson Mandela. They can be easy to have around. But, they often repress their anger. Then, when their anger explodes, it can do lasting damage.

So, try the test and see if the result makes sense. gives advice on what to do to avoid pitfalls and achieve BALANCE in life. It also helps you to understand what motivates other people - your partner, your boss, your child.......

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