Saturday, March 19, 2005


In the USA a woman gets raped every 3 seconds.

The crime rate in San Jose is 5,364 per 100,00 of the population.

For New York the figure is 9,236.

Compare that with Miami's staggeringly high 18,394.

I got out of Miami fast and flew to Tampa, which is half way down the left hand side of Florida.

On the plane, someone called Catherine got talking to me about Florida's governor, Jeb Bush.

"Jeb denies having an affair with the head of Florida's department of management services, a lady who was once a Playboy bunny," said Catherine, who looked pretty enough to have been a bunny. "But not everyone trusts Jeb. Jeb reportedly worked for Miguel Recarey who is wanted by the FBI over allegations of massive fraud..."

Tampa has a fine baroque restaurant called Bern's Steak House, where Catherine and I enjoyed some Chateau Lafite and sixty ounce steaks. Well actually, to be honest, Catherine vanished at the airport and I dined in a Pizza Hut, and the pizza was not great.

However, I did get talking to the waitress about Tampa's most famous citizen, a man called Santo.

According to my informant, "Santo Trafficante ran casinos in Havana. Castro threw him out, which was why he was allegedly involved in CIA plots to kill Castro. Santo Trafficante allegedly ran all the gambling operations on the Gulf Coast and allegedly set up narcotic networks in Latin America and South East Asia. He never went to jail. When he passed away, his place was allegedly taken by a gentleman called LoScalzo"

So, what more do you need to know about Tampa. It's a big city full of concrete.

TAMPA! Remember the cargo ship that was stopped and searched in the English Channel because it was allegedly carrying terrorist materials to London. That ship started its journey in Tampa.

Tampa is home to the McDill Airforce Base where the US military's Central Command serves as the nerve centre for the wa r in Afghanistan.

Tampa is home to an Islamic studies think tank, whose head became boss of Islamic Jihad. (Some commentators believe that most Islamic militant organisations are controlled by certain intelligence agencies).

Remember the Anthrax that struck Florida. According to the Washington Post, DNA testing has shown that the origin of all the anthrax that hit America was America's own germ war lab at Fort Detrick.


Worth a visit is the tiny town of Venice, with its wide streets and parks.

Venice is famous for three reasons.

First it is where the Ringling and Barnum and Bailey Circuses do their training.

Secondly, it has the building that was the national HQ of billionaire Jackson Stephens's Beverley Enterprises. According to , "Jackson Stephens was a roommate of President Carter at the US Naval Academy. Stephen's name has come up in a number of spooky cases: in the BCCI criminal bank scandal, in the case of the death of Vince Foster, in the stolen Promis software scandal, in the 1996 finance scandal involving allegations of Red Chinese money, in the gun-running and cocaine smuggling at Mena Arkansas that was behind Iran Contra and Whitewater.

Stephens was the chief domestic campaign contributor to Bush senior and to Clinton.

And Venice Airport was named during the questioning of Oliver North during Iran Contra."

Thirdly, Venice was the teeny little place where Mohammed Atta and his fellow 'hijackers' chose to learn to fly. Some people think that Atta was working for a group within a certain intelligence agency.


I had to visit the East Coast, and where better to go than Palm beach! This is quite a bit North of Miami.

In Palm Beach the place to stay is The Breakers, a vast five star palace with twin towers, Venetian arches, Persian carpets and vast chandeliers.

If you have money, and it's an election year (when you have a choice between one millionaire who supports the military industrial complex or another millionaire who supports the military industrial complex), you can attend Palm Beach political cocktail parties, listen to millionaire politicians pretending to be friends of Blacks and Hispanics, and pay several thousand dollars for the privilege.

Palm Beach has money. It's a place to stroll around, or better, drive around.

South Ocean Boulevard has a home with 117 rooms and a golf course. Number 702 is where John Lennon once lived. On N Ocean Boulevard is one of many palatial homes belonging to the Kennedys.


A little history:

When the white men arrived in Florida, many Indians were hunted like dogs or killed off by measles.

The BLACKS, until the Civil Rights Act of 1964, were forced to sit in separate parts of buses, or forced to use separate washrooms. Hotels, schools and public buildings were all segregated. Blacks were not allowed to go swimming at Palm Beach.

Gambling began to play a big part in Florida's economy in the 1930's. Al Capone moved into a fortified estate in Palm Beach. Florida MAFIA boss Santos Trafficante, who featured in the film "Donnie Brasco", sought the protection of the Fifth Amendment clause when asked by the House Select Committee on Assassinations whether he had ever discussed plans to kill President Kennedy.

When Castro kicked out the Americans, the Pentagon Chiefs of Staff, in 1962, considered a plan called Operation NORTHWOODS.

The idea behind Northwoods was that US secret agents would carry out deadly terrorist attacks in the US which could be blamed on the Cubans, and thus justify a US invasion of Cuba.

Operation Northwoods was to include various bomb explosions in buildings in Miami and elsewhere, the bringing down of an aircraft, and the sinking of a ship. (See )

On 11 September 2001, the ATTACKS ON AMERICA took place.

Three days after the WTC disaster, Newsweek and the Washington Post reported claims that 5 of the 'hijackers' received training at secure US military bases during the 1990's. The reports also claimed that 3 of the 'terrorists' had listed their addresses as the Naval Air Station at Pensacola, Florida.

A Defense Department spokesman admitted that the names of the 'hijackers' were the same as the names of people who had trained at secure US bases. SPOOKY!!!

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