Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bisexual animals? Bisexual Moslems? Sex with boys?


Biologist Bruce Bagemihl wrote "Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity."

It seems that gay and lesbian geese stay together year after year.

‘Bottlenose dolphins don't form male-female couples, but males often form lifelong pairs with other males. Some are interested only in males, but others are bisexual and happily indulge in beak-genital propulsion and more with male or female alike.

'Male black swans court and form stable pairs... and become model parents, twice as successful as straight parents.’

The animal kingdom seems to be bisexual.

What about people in Moslem countries?


During the early years of Islam, homosexuality was seemingly not regarded as a crime.

‘There are even rumors that Ali, one of the members of Mohammed's family had an affair with Mohammed’.

In 1001 Arabian Nights, there are stories about homosexual relationships.

In the Moslem Ottoman Empire, 1299- 1923, sleeping with "boys" was very common.

In the hamams (baths) the "tellaks" (young boys who helped men to have a bath) served as male prostitutes.

In Ottoman Literature there are many poems written by male poets about boys.

Sex with boys was not illegal and the sultans were engaged in sex with boys.

There was a palace for boys in Bursa. In this palace the sultan kept many young boys who served the men in the army.

An Indonesian film featuring gay kissing has become a box office hit in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country.

Playing to packed cinemas in Jakarta, "Arisan!" is all about homosexuality.

Indonesian society is relatively tolerant of homosexuality, but the topic does not usually get a public airing.

There is no mention of homosexuality in Indonesian law and the relatively liberal mass media rarely discusses the issue, despite the presence of a number of gay public figures.


Ferdinand Karsch-Haack demonstrated the occurrence of same-sex sexual activity throughout the animal kingdom, among the so-called primitive peoples, and in all non-Western cultures.

There is a long history of same-sex activity in Indonesia.

There were male priestesses among the Dayak, the Buginese and the Toraja, and transvestite male-to-female dancers in Java and at the courts of Aceh and Bali there were young boys who had sex with men.

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Maggie Picard said...

My gay friend who had an Indonesian lover tells me that affluent men there often keep "house boys," and sexual services are among their duties. This is not seen as degrading, but is a traditional institution involving mutual responsibilities. The master is free to take another lover, but he must continue to provide for his faithful servant. If he casts him out, the boy's family will come and kill him!

Apparently these complex unspoken customs exist peacefully right alongside the official Moslem religion.

This was not my friend's first lover from a Moslem country, and at one point he considered converting to that religion. But on actually studying the Koran, he was dismayed to find that the letter of the law actually prescribes death by stoning for homosexuality.