Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Britain's most famous general

Britain’s most famous general, Montgomery, loved young boys.

But he kept this interest in boys hidden from the public.

In 1967, when the House of Lords was considering a bill to legalise gay sex, Field Marshal Montgomery declared : "This sort of thing may be tolerated by the French, but we're British - thank God."

Professor Nigel Hamilton is Monty's official biographer.

'The Full Monty', by Professor Hamilton, claims that Montgomery loved boys, including preteen boys.

Professor Hamilton has drawn on hundreds of letters to and from Montgomery.

There have long been rumours about Monty. In 1976, the biographer Lord Chalfont wrote about Monty's "predilection for the company of young men".

Prof Hamilton became friends with Monty at age 11. Hamilton is sure about Monty's love of boys.

According to Hamilton: "These were quasi love affairs. He became really passionately involved with these ... boys.

"I myself have more than 100 very loving letters from him. My relationship with him wasn't sexual, in the sense that it wasn't acted upon, but I had been through enough years at British boarding schools to know what kind of enormous affection and feeling he had for me.

"And I wasn't alone, this was a consistent pattern in Monty's life."

Montgomery met 12 year-old Lucien Treub, his "little Swiss friend".

Lucien told Hamilton how the general would bathe him and rub him down with a towel.

Monty never showed much interest in women.

Like certain well known politicians, Monty married late, at a point when a wife would help his career.

He was married for ten years.

Monty wrote many impassioned letters to young boys.

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