Saturday, April 30, 2005

Doctor Who - Aliens of London

Prison Planet, April 29 2005, looked at the script of a recent episode of the BBC's 'Doctor Who'.

The script apparently borrowed ideas from those people who believe that 9 11 was an inside-job.

In the recent episode 'Aliens of London,' a spaceship crashes into Big Ben in a sequence similar to the events of 9/11.

London is put under martial law.

The brains behind the attack are people within the government.

The staged attack gives the government an excuse to launch a war for fuel.

There are false claims of weapons of mass destruction.

The Prime Minister is criticized for his lack of action ("as with Bush in the elementary school on 9/11").

Immediately after the Big Ben crash, a body belonging to a particular race is recovered from the Thames river. This race gets blamed for the attack while the real bad guys organize behind the scenes. According to Prison Planet, "this is symbolic of Muslim hijackers being used as the patsies on 9/11".

Prison Planet reminds us of the Lone Gunmen pilot episode, which carried the plot where a secret group within the government attempt to hijack a commercial airliner and fly it into the World Trade Center. This was made in late 2000 and broadcast in early 2001.

Alex Jones interviewed Dean Haglund, one of the stars of the show back in December. Haglund said that by the time the X-files was coming to an end, the producer Chris Carter (who also produced 'Gunmen') was being approached by government agencies and NASA with script ideas.

"Was this a forewarning from the inside that 9/11 was about to happen?"

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