Monday, April 04, 2005

Fascist American troops murder children?

The journalist Dahr Jamail recently interviewed an Iraqi doctor from Fallujah who describes atrocities committed by US forces during their assault on that city last November.

The doctor, now a refugee in Jordan and speaking on condition of anonymity, insists his testimony is backed up by video and photographic evidence.

According to the doctor, during the second week of their attack US forces "announced that all the families [had] to leave their homes and meet at an intersection in the street while carrying a white flag. They gave them 72 hours to leave and after that they would be considered an enemy.

"We documented this story with video - a family of 12, including a relative and his oldest child who was 7 years old. They heard this instruction, so they left with all their food and money they could carry, and white flags.

"When they reached the intersection where the families were accumulating, they heard someone shouting 'Now!' in English, and shooting started everywhere." (Jamail, 'Stories from Fallujah', 8 February, 2005, )

A surviving eyewitness told the doctor everyone in the family was carrying white flags, as instructed.

Nevertheless, the witness watched as his mother was shot in the head and his father was shot through the heart by snipers.

His two aunts were also shot, and his brother was shot in the neck. The survivor stated that when he raised himself from the ground to shout for help, he too was shot in the side. The doctor continued: "After some hours he raised his arm for help and they shot his arm. So after a while he raised his hand and they shot his hand."

A six year-old boy was standing over the bodies of his parents, crying, and he too was shot.

"Anyone who raised up was shot," the doctor said, adding that he had photographs of the dead and also of survivors' gunshot wounds.

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