Saturday, April 30, 2005

Give someone a hug

Renee Spitz studied infants in orphanages in the 1930s.

He found that infants deprived of stroking and hugs sink into irreversible decline.

He concluded from his research that we all need strokes / human contact/ intimacy/ hugs.

Animals also need affection.

In orphanages in Ceausescu's Romania more than 150,000 children in orphanages were deprived of intimacy.

When foreign doctors came in 1989 and examined the children, they found "grossly delayed" development of mental and motor skills, a significantly stunted growth-"the children were in the third to tenth percentile for physical growth"-and a tendency to rock and grasp themselves

Some nasty scientists carry out experiments on monkeys. The baby monkeys are deprived of hugs. The monkeys become ill.

Why are some people in third world villages in Nigeria and Indonesia so happy? They are happy because of all the pats on the back, all the holding of hands and all the hugs.

Photos of people hugging:

There is more than one kind of intimacy / physical contact.

There is sleazy intimacy. There is innocent intimacy.

Why are so many American and British people unhappy? Could it be that in Britain and America intimacy is often sleazy? Innocent intimacy is often discouraged.

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