Monday, April 04, 2005

Popes and sex.,3604,1451484,00.html

In today's Guardian, Terry Eagleton, professor of cultural theory at Manchester University, argues that the Pope has blood on his hands.

Eagleton writes: "The Pope's authority was so unassailable that the head of a Spanish seminary managed to convince his students that he had the Pope's personal permission to masturbate them."

When the child sex scandal broke, John Paul rewarded an American cardinal who had covered up the abuse with a 'plush' posting in Rome.

John Paul condemned condoms, "which might have saved countless Catholics in the developing world from an agonising Aids death". According to Eagleton, "the Pope goes to his eternal reward with those deaths on his hands. He was one of the greatest disasters for the Christian church since Charles Darwin".


Officially John Paul II and the Vatican are opposed to homosexual activity.

The Rev Andrew Greeley wrote in 1989: "Blatantly active homosexual priests are appointed, transferred and promoted ... National networks of active homosexual priests (many of them church administrators) are tolerated. Pedophiles are reassigned."


Mark D. Jordan, a former Catholic seminary instructor who teaches religion at Emory University, has written 'The Silence of Sodom, Homosexuality in Modern Catholicism'. (The University of Chicago Press, 2000)

Jordan states that “conservative” Catholics who are loyal to the teaching of the Church are closeted homosexuals.

A journalist once charged that Pope Paul VI had engaged in homosexual activity....


Pope Paul II apparently "spent nights adorning himself with priceless jewelry and frolicking with his numerous boyfriends in the sumptuous rooms of the Vatican".

It was said that Paul died of a heart attack while being sodomized by one of his favourite boys.

Leo X was said to have had banquets "at which little boys jumped naked out of puddings".

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