Saturday, April 30, 2005

Violence in schools

A quote from jakartass:

Theo Toemion, the chairman of Indonesia's powerful Investment Coordinating Board, is, like most parents, passionate about his son's sporting activities.

Just how passionate became evident one recent Sunday when he went on a violent rampage, assaulting a 14-year-old referee and several parents of other children in a dispute over a junior school basketball match.

The assault on the grounds of the Jakarta International School left an American oil company executive, the parent of one child in the game, with a broken nose.

The executive has since been forced to leave Indonesia with his family.

Another oil company employee was hit in the back of the head, requiring several stitches.

According to one witness, Toemion shouted threats that he could have the non-Indonesian parents thrown out of the country.

Among those trying to restrain Toemion were executives from U.S. companies like ExxonMobil, Nike, Unocal and ConocoPhillips.

"The implication was that he could revoke anyone's work permit if he wanted to," the witness said.

Another person familiar with the incident said Toemion had advised those present not to bother calling the police, because he "owned" the local police.

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