Thursday, April 28, 2005

Which celebrities would have backed Hitler?

Asked about his heroes, the young Schwarzenegger, in 1975, was quoted as saying; "I admired Hitler."


Who's backing whom in the UK election?

Backing Britain's extreme right-wing Labour Party are a number of 'celebrities'. One doubts if any of them are really aware of the true nature of the Labour government. One doubts that they would have been enthusiastic backers of genocide in Iraq, Operation Northwoods or Operation Gladio. Labour backers include:

1. Oasis frontman Gallagher (How much does he know about Operation Gladio?)

2. Liz Dawn ( Coronation Street's Vera Duckworth)

3. Maureen Lipman

4. Richard Wilson

5. singer Beverly Knight

6. director Lord Richard Attenborough.

The Lib Dems have a much more attractive and better educated bunch of people supporting them:

1. Musician and record producer Brian Eno

2. ex-BBC boss Greg Dyke

3. former TV agony aunt Claire Rayner

4. scientist Richard Dawkins

5. writer and broadcaster Germaine Greer

6. rabbi Julia Neuberger

7. Travis frontman Fran Healy

8. Broadcaster Nicholas Parsons

9. film critic Barry Norman

10. epidemiologist Sir Richard Doll

The SNP has the active support of actor Sean Connery, a long-time SNP supporter.

He has appeared in their party political broadcasts.

The Green Party has:

George Monbiot,
comedian Mark Thomas,
Hollywood actor Tim Roth,
Kate Ford - aka Tracy Barlow in Coronation Street.
Director Alex Cox is working on their election broadcasts
Steven Berkoff
Peter Tatchell

Information from BBC NEWS:

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