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Different cultures


28-year old actor Marcio Garcia dated 14-year old model Daniella Sarahyba for over a year.

13-year old Kelly Key dated 23-year old singer Latino. Later, she married him.

40-year old singer/composer Caetano Veloso had a relationship with 13-year old Paula Lavigne, and later married her.

In all these cases, the media was tolerant.


'A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples' was produced by Bruce Rind Department of Psychology, Philip Tromovitch Graduate School of Education and Robert Bauserman Department of Psychology, University of Michigan

Summary and Conclusion:

"Beliefs about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in American culture center on the viewpoint that CSA by nature is such a powerfully negative force that (a) it is likely to cause harm, (b) most children or adolescents who experience it will be affected, (c) this harm will typically be severe or intense, and (d) CSA will have an equivalently negative impact on both boys and girls...

"Results of the present review do not support these assumed properties; CSA does not cause intense harm on a pervasive basis regardless of gender in the college population. The finding that college samples closely parallel national samples with regard to prevalence of CSA, types of experiences, self-perceived effects, and CSA-symptom relations strengthens the conclusion that CSA is not a propertied phenomenon and supports Constantine's (1981) conclusion that CSA has no inbuilt or inevitable outcome or set of emotional reactions.

"An important reason why the assumed properties of CSA failed to withstand empirical scrutiny in the current review is that the construct of CSA, as commonly conceptualized by researchers, is of questionable scientific validity. Overinclusive definitions of abuse that encompass both willing sexual experiences accompanied by positive reactions and coerced sexual experiences with negative reactions produce poor predictive validity. To achieve better scientific validity, a more thoughtful approach is needed by researchers when labeling and categorizing events that have heretofore been defined sociolegally as CSA ( Fishman, 1991 ; Kilpatrick, 1987 ; Okami, 1994 ; Rind & Bauserman, 1993 )."



On July 10, 2004, The Guardian reported that an investigation in Brazil into child sex abuse has named politicians, judges, priests and business leaders among 200 people who may face criminal prosecutions.

Some cases involve abuse against babies.

The UN estimates that there could be as many as 500,000 Brazilian child victims of sexual abuse.


"It's just that I want to tell you the truth: this thing of minors, everyone knows that it's the minors, right?" asks 17-year-old Helena, a prostitute since she was 13.

"Mainly the clients, these society people, politicians ... And doing a trick because these are good people, you know, this is what they want, the minors, the new ones, the beautiful ones. And they aren't here, no, for emotional reasons.

"It was humiliating. When I tried to go out, I felt dirty, my body and my soul. I've already tried suicide because I can't stand it any longer," she says....

"It is clear that in certain areas, sexual exploitation is connected with poverty," says Senator Patricia Saboya, who is the president of the parliamentary inquiry.

One witness said: "I've seen girls prostitute themselves for a plate of food or for R$1.99 (66 cents). A girl told me: 'At the end of the day, who doesn't want a bag, clothes or a chic pair of shoes?' to justify her prostitution.



UNITED KINGDOM : 23 May 2005

Three sisters had babies when they were aged 12, 14 and 16.

Two of the babies' fathers reportedly have no contact with their children and contribute nothing towards their upkeep.

Youngest daughter Jemma had sex with her teenage boyfriend.

Natasha 'is in a secret relationship with the baby's 38-year-old Asian father'.

The girl's mother is a double divorcee. She said the girls were too young and had ruined their lives.


Ages of consent for male-female relationships:

Brazil 14

(Brazilian law says sexual intercourse with a virgin between the ages of 14 and 18 by taking advantage of either her "inexperience or her confidence" is a crime. To corrupt a person between the ages of 14 and 18 by engaging in sexual acts is a crime.)

Chile 12
Mexico 12
Paraguay 12

Korea 13
Spain 13

Croatia 14
Estonia 14
Hungary 14
Iceland 14
Italy 14
Peru 14
Puerto Rica 14
Romania 14

Britain 16
Cyprus 17
Dominican Republic 18
Egypt 18
Guatemala 18
Arizona 18
California 18
Tunisia 2o


Some Pitcairn islanders have claimed that having sex with young teenage girls is an acceptable part of their Polynesian-influenced culture.

Five Pitcairn Island men, including the island's mayor, were convicted, in October 2004, on multiple sexual abuse charges, including rape and indecent assault of girls as young as 12. A sixth man pleaded guilty and a seventh was cleared of the charges. The court rejected arguments that consensual underage sex was part of the British colony's tradition.

Some women have defended the men - saying that no harm was done, and this is their culture. Others have welcomed the news of the convictions. The problem for the island is its viability as a community - with so many men facing prison - and only 47 adults on the island.



28 April 2005

The Royal College of Nursing's annual congress in Harrogate heard about Britain's youngsters.

School nurses reported a rising tide of sexual health, binge drinking and drug problems among children.

Liz Allan, chairman of the School Nurses Forum, said some children were pressurised by a gang culture into providing sexual favours.

Steve Jamieson, a sexual health adviser to the Royal College of Nursing, spoke of a 14-year-old boy who was diagnosed with HIV. The boy was shocked to realise that someone so young could be diagnosed with HIV.

Sexual health adviser, Kathy French, said: "If you look at the soaps or in magazines, everyone is having sex. "



Swaziland has the highest HIV infection rate in the world. Around 40 percent of adults have the disease and more than half of 19 to 30-year-olds are infected.

In Swaziland, the absolute monarch chooses a new bare-breasted maiden to wed each year.

"I think the king could do more to set an example for men in this country," said Alan Brody, the Swaziland head of United Nations' children's agency Unicef.

Both King Mswati and his government urge people to defer sex until marriage and to use condoms.

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