Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Kaiser Wilhelm II, Prince Eulenberg and Friedrich Krupp

Scandal erupted in Germany in1907. Various top people in the military and in the royal court were named as homosexuals. The Kaiser's intimate friend, Prince Philip von Eulenberg, was put on trial. A journalist called Harden claimed to have hard evidence of the Kaiser’s homosexuality.

During Kaiser Wilhelm's annual hunt in the Black Forest, the chief of the Military Directorate died of a heart attack ‘while performing for the assembled guests in a tutu’. Soon after the Kaiser suffered a nervous breakdown.

Professor John C. G.-Rohl "The Kaiser and his Court, Wilhelm II and the Government of Germany",1966, described the Kaiser’s interest in men, particularly soldiers.

Rohl comments: "It is indeed disturbing to reflect that the generals who took Germany and Europe into the Armageddon of 1914 not infrequently owed their career to the Kaiser's admiration for their height and good looks in their splendid uniforms."

Various conspiracy theories surround the Kaiser and Germany. The Kaiser believed in a international conspiracy of Jewish capitalists and communists, the Golden International. He blamed the First World War on an international conspiracy of Jewish freemasons

Rohl suspects that Germany may have been behind Franz Ferdinand's assassination at Sarajevo in 1914.

One of the Kaiser’s friends was Friedrich Krupp, owner of the steel and weapons business.

Krupp liked young boys and spent a lot of time on Capri.

In 1902, Italian newspapers threatened to expose Krupp as a homosexual. Stories of orgies on Capri reached Germany. Krupp's wife was put into a mental asylum. An article entitled "Krupp in Capri" spilled the beans. Krupp requested a meeting with his friend, Kaiser Wilhelm.

On the day he was to meet the emperor, November 22, 1902, Krupp was found dead in his home. The circumstances of his death remain a mystery.

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