Monday, May 02, 2005

Michio Kaku and parallel universes,11109,1419423,00.html

Michio Kaku is the Henry Semat professor of theoretical physics at the City University in New York.

Kaku believes it is possible that there are parallel universes.

Kaku believes they could be here, right now, in your living room.

There could be a universe in which Elvis Presley never died and in which Hitler was never born.

Dr Michio Kaku: There are many kinds of parallel universe. If we speak of quantum parallel universe then there may be resemblance to our Universe, except with one quantum difference. For example, if a cosmic ray went through Hitler's mother's womb and Hitler was never born, we could be one quantum event away from a parallel universe without World War 2. However, if the parallel universe is in another dimension then the laws of Physics themselves will change and atoms maybe unstable. And two kinds of matter exist - in those universes, Physics may look entirely different from our own.

Dr Michio Kaku: The amount of energy necessary to create a bubbled universe is zero. Matter has positive energy, but gravity has negative energy. The sum of the two might be zero. This means that bubbled universes can be created all the time. So the Universe is for free.

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