Monday, May 23, 2005

Mountbatten, Oldfield, Kitchener, Haig...


A quote from 1169andcounting.blogspot:

"Mountbatten was particularly attracted to boys in their early teens ; it was this characteristic which made him especially vulnerable to the IRA , because he needed to slip away from his personal bodyguards to keep dates with such boys , some of whom came in contact with IRA men."

According to Peter Tatchell: "Four of Britain's best known military chiefs - Admiral Mountbatten and Field Marshalls Kitchener, Haig and Montgomery - were posthumously outed."



A quote from 1169andcounting.blogspot:

"The former British Secret Service Chief , 'Sir' Maurice Oldfield ... was appointed ' Ulster (sic) Security Co-Ordinator ' by Margaret Thatcher in the wake of the Mountbatten assassination . 'Sir' Maurice also slipped away from his 'personal protection detail' - a team of handpicked , plain-clothes British 'Royal' Military Policemen - on various occasions while he was living in Stormont House , beside Stormont Castle in Belfast . But a plan by the IRA to kill him during one such expedition into County Down failed when he was unexpectedly moved back to London .

In 1973, Maurice Oldfield became Director-General of MI6. He held the post under Edward Heath, Harold Wilson and James Callaghan before retiring in 1978.

In 1979 the new prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, asked Oldfield to coordinate security and intelligence in Northern Ireland.

He left this post in 1980 after his positive vetting clearance was withdrawn. Apparently this was because he admitted that "from time to time engaged in homosexual activities."

He was reputedly the model for John le Carré's fictional character George Smiley.

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