Monday, May 23, 2005

Nehru - India's former leader.

The Indian Express, 5 February 1997, has an item on Prof Stanley Wolpert's biography of Nehru entitled 'Nehru: A Tryst With Destiny'.

Nehru's biographer has revealed that Nehru may have had 'gay tendencies'.

Prof Wolpert said his conclusions were based on "interviews with a lot of people and my own discussions with Nehru".

Wolpert implies that Nehru had homosexual encounters during his early years in Allahabad, and later at Harrow and Cambridge.

Wolpert describes occasions when Nehru dressed in drag:

"Wearing his wig, made up with lipstick, powder and eye shadow, his body draped in silks and satins, Jawahar most willingly offered himself up night after night to those endless rehearsals for the Gaekwar's At Home as a beautiful young girl, holding out her jug of wine and loaf seductively to her poet lover, Omar."

Wolpert says Nehru's first 'attachment' was with his young French teacher, Ferdinand Brooks.

Brooks was a disciple and lover of Charles Webster Leadbeater, 'who was accused of pederasty on several continents'. Leadbeater 'advocated mutual masturbation among young boys'.

Wolpert points out that Nehru was a fan of Oscar Wilde.

Nehru was a friend of Lord Mountbatten.

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