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Cardinal Spellman

Francis Cardinal Spellman became New York's cardinal in 1939. He died in 1967.

He "was known as 'Franny' to assorted Broadway chorus boys and others."


The American Pope: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman by John Cooney

“When Spellman died on December 2, 1967, President Johnson lost one of the most ardent backers of his war policy -the Vietnam War."

“Spellman landed in Paraguay, where he warmly greeted the dictator Alfredo Stroessner, who had recently effected a military coup. Unlike military dictatorships in Brazil and Chile that at least paid lip service to helping the people, Stroessner made no pretenses. His military and police were rewarded with graft, contraband, and the spoils of lucrative narcotics and prostitution trades. Upon his arrival Spellman went to the general’s residence, where he publicly proclaimed what a pleasure it was to be in ‘the ancient Catholic country of Paraguay.’”

"Many felt- and continue to feel- that Spellman the public moralist may well have been a contradiction of the man of the flesh. Numerous priests and others interviewed took his homosexuality for granted (Among the many interviewed who asserted this was Philip Nobile, a former seminarian who served as one of Spellman’s altar boys, according to the Chapter Notes)."


Michelangelo Signorile wrote:

"The archconservative Spellman was the epitome of the self-loathing, closeted, evil queen, working with his good friend, the closeted gay McCarthy henchman Roy Cohn, to undermine liberalism in America during the 1950s’ communist and homosexual witch hunts."

John Cooney’s The American Pope, 1984:

Cooney’s interviewed C.A. Tripp, a researcher linked to Dr. Alfred Kinsey of the Institute for Sex Research.

Tripp told Signorile:

A Broadway dancer had a relationship with Spellman in the 1940s.

Spellman brought the dancer to his place several nights a week.

A Jesuit priest wrote a letter to the press: "Cardinal Spellman’s sex life does not matter, but his homosexuality does... It matters to thousands of people whose jobs, relationships and whose very lives are threatened because of their sexuality, all the while being forced to view and eat the hypocrisy of their church. And it enrages people that church men and women can retain their jobs, hiding behind their clerical and religious statutes while their own people suffer persecution, disease and discrimination."


“The Messianic Legacy” by Lincoln Leigh Baigent

"Another of the CIA’s most influential allies within the church was Cardinal Francis Spellman of New York. In 1954, he acted directly for the CIA in Guatemala, helping to stage a coup there which was orchestrated by the agency.

"But Spellman was also deeply involved in affairs in Italy. He played a crucial role in obtaining large sums of US Government ‘Black Money’ for the use of the Catholic Church. He was intimately associated with Bernardino Nogara, the mastermind behind the Vatican Bank, and with Count Enrico Galeazzi, who with Michele Sindona watched over Vatican investments and banking in the early 1960’s.

"And it was Cardinal Spellman who, in 1963, first brought to the Pope’s attention Father Paul Marcinkus of Chicago. By 1971, Marcinkus, now Archbishop, was head of the Vatican bank, a close friend of P2 members such as Michele Sindona and Roberto Calvi, and an alleged member of P2 himself."

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