Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hosanna Church

"The case of a church where at least nine members allegedly abused children and animals will be taken up by a grand jury today.

"Eight of the suspects have been booked on child rape charges carrying a possible death penalty. They include pastor Louis Lamonica of Hosanna Church in Ponchatoula, his wife and a former Tangipahoa Parish sheriff's deputy.

"Authorities have said witnesses described the use of robes, pentagrams on the church floor, sex with a dog and the sacrifice of cats. The alleged victims, suspected to number up to two dozen, range from infants to young teens and include children of those accused."

"It's beginning to look as though another demonstrable case of ritual abuse is about to be mishandled by American law.

"The Hosanna Church paedophile ring will be tried upon the word of three abused children, while confessions of occult motive and corroborating evidence are being written out of the record:

"What is missing from the court case as it stands are the allegations of occult activity as the motive for the sexual abuse of children and animals, he said. No physical evidence of the occult, such as pentagrams drawn on the floor and spell books were ever found, Tangipahoa Parish sheriff's Detective Mike DePhillips told the court.

'"You heard today that they couldn't find any evidence of the occult, so that is a dead issue,' said Assistant Public Defender Reginald McIntyre, who represents defendants Paul Fontenot and Patricia Pierson.

"No pentagrams? Just last month, The New York Times reported that clear imprints of pentagrams, showing attempts at erasure, had been found on the floor of the church youth hall.

"No evidence? Upon accused Nicole Bernard's April confession to the FBI, she 'directed authorities to her storage unit, containing videotapes and nine bin liners full of masks and robes for use in the ceremonies. Also, she described performing oral sex on her infant daughter as part of the child's dedication."'

"No motive? The confessions were of occult crimes. Detectives were told by church members that 'they carried out the practices for years as part of a devil-worshipping ritual involving cat blood.' Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards said 'This is hard to talk about and harder to believe, but some of the suspects have told us their intention in all of this was devil worshipping."'


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