Friday, June 17, 2005

Suffering children


Jakarta's mayor, General Sutiyoso, is "waging war on the poor".

The homes of thousands of poor people have been knocked down.

Luxury flats and golf courses have sprung up in many areas previously occupied by the poor.

Meanwhile, in certain parts of Indonesia, malnutrition is killing children.

Indonesia has oil and many billionaires and a government run by a former general who recently visited Washington.


2001 - 2003

1. Number of families evicted in Jakarta = 10,321 households (more or less 50,000 people were evicted)
2. The number of street vendors who have been evicted or had their carts and wares confiscated = 3,525 vendors
3. the numbers of side-street stalls demolished = 21,223 stalls
4. 550 street musicians have been arrested


Indonesia's president, General Yudhoyono, is a friend of the USA.

Hera Diani, in the The Jakarta Post 16 June 2005, reports that many thousands of Indonesian children are suffering from malnutrition....

Malnutrition has left 41 children dead in West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara over the last six months....

Data from the Institute for the Development of the Economy and Finance (Indef) revealed that last year only about 26 percent of subsidized rice for the poor reached its target, 26.5 percent for health services, 35 percent for school fee support and nearly 10 percent for soft loans for small and medium enterprises.

"The programs are run with heavy bureaucratic structures. The amount of funds embezzled is crazy," said Wardah Hafiz of the Urban Poor Consortium (UPC), a winner of the Yap Thiam Hien human rights award.

Free contraceptives ... have stopped due to lack of funds, which has resulted in more births in poor families.


Indonesia's President Yudhoyono "shared command responsibility for the criminal conduct of TNI forces in East Timor in 1999."

"He took part in Operation Seroja, the invasion of East Timor, and had several tours of duty there since, including commanding the Dili-based battalion 744 some time in the 1970s. Much of his career has been with Kostrad airborne units. In the 1980s and '90s he took several military courses in the US."

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