Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sir Cliff Richards


Tony Blair and family have been staying at the home of Sir Cliff Richards in Barbados.


Cliff Richard had sold more singles in the UK than any other music artist.

Cliff is the only act in the UK to score a NUMBER ONE single in each and every decade since the setting up of the UK Singles chart in 1952.

Cliff became rich and famous because of:

1. His 'cute young boy' looks.
2. His wiggly hips.
3. 'Catchy' pop tunes.


Comments from members of the public about Sir Cliff:

"For years people have speculated about Cliff's faith being a sort of a self-inflicted punishment for being a latent gay or 'outing' his Christian beliefs as a sort of marketing gimmick to help him boost record sales. How could anyone want to come up with such a load of rubbish! Cliff has a very open personality and has made no secret of his beliefs."

"Perhaps if Cliff said he was gay and was campaigning for HIV or stood and shouted loudest about his charity work instead of keeping quiet he would get the respect due to him."

"I think it isn't worth replying to the remark that Cliff should say he is gay... His sexuality shouldn't even come into the music debate."


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