Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bob Dylan



"The times, as that great Minnesota queen Bob Dylan once said, they are a-changin'."



Interview with Todd Haynes, filmmaker:

THR: What are you working on right now?
Haynes: The big gay story of Bob Dylan.



Extract from 3am-magazine:

"In Howard Sounes’s ‘Down The Highway: The Life Of Bob Dylan’ (Transworld Publishers 2001) we find an intriguing episode where there is a suggestion that Dylan once hustled for a time as a gay prostitute in Times square.

"Sounes quotes a Dylan interview from 1966 where Dylan says - ‘We would make one hundred fifty or two hundred fifty a night between us, and hang around in bars. Cats would pick us up and chicks would pick us up.’ (Sounes page 81)

"Sounes also writes of Dylan’s friendship with Fred Neil, the guy who wrote ‘Everybody’s Talking’ which would later be used as the theme tune for the film ‘Midnight Cowboy.’

"Dylan and another friend, Mark Spoelstra were paid by Neil '… to back him on stage'.

"Spoelstra claims Neil also goosed the boys on the backside whenever they met him; while Spoelstra said to knock it off, Bob would just laugh…

"Throughout his life he [Dylan] would have several good friends who happened to be homosexual - the most notable being Allen Ginsberg - …’"



"Ginsberg ... was greatly disturbed... by Bob Dylan's rampant cocaine snorting during their tour together.

"Ginsberg immortalized the thought by penning:

"Nobody saves Amercia by sniffing cocaine
Jiggling yr knees blankeyed in the rain
When it snows in yr nose you catch cold in yr brain."


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