Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Danny Pintauro, who played Judith Light's son, Jonathan Bower on Who's the Boss (1984-92), has outed himself in the National Enquirer.

He said: "[I] am proud to say I'm gay."

'He says both his real parents and his TV parental figures - Light and Tony Danza - are solidly in his corner. Says Pintauro: "I would encourage anybody struggling with their sexuality to go with their heart."'


An article entitled ‘Hollywood Corruption, Child Abuse, & Gay Genocide’ 10 June 2005, refers to the large number of a suicides involving child stars and former child stars.

The article suggests that some of the dead stars were bisexual and that sexuality may have played a part in some of the deaths.

The writer praises Rupert Everett, Chad Allen, and Ellen DeGeneres for allowing the public to know that they are homosexual.

Evidently a lot of child stars are bisexual and they have to go to great lengths to pretend otherwise.

A "Beard" is the female companion that a bisexual male star uses to disguise his sexuality.

"Suicide notes have been found where some gay teens have even claimed they went as far as forcing themselves to have sex with their ‘beards’, in order to prove to others that they are not what they are. Some examples of famous beards have been Jack Benny's Mary Livingstone, Rock Hudson's wife Phyllis Gates, Leo DiCaprio's Giselle Bundchen, and Ben Affleck's J.Lo.

"The use of beards has long been a favorite strategy of Hollywood agents and publicists, often recommended to, or imposed upon, a male celebrity, and sometimes the beard is even paid a lump sum or a salary to play the desired role. In the past, the 'beard' strategy has often been combined with leaked stories/pictures to selected reporters regarding liaisons between gay celebrities and females (beards or otherwise), which often then showed up in various rags, and in the modern-day these strategies are sometimes combined with paying Internet surfers for their opinions to combat fans who say their favorite celebrity is gay/bisexual.

"And taking it even further, upon the recommendation of agents and publicists, some gay or gay-leaning bisexual celebrities even pick up hookers and/or hire call girls, and pay them primarily to spread stories about their (heterosexual) prowess throughout the community. However, there are always people in a celebrity's life who know the truth, and that truth often bubbles to the surface, either from the celebrity's own community, or the community of friends which the celebrity frequents...

"When Ellen DeGeneres came out as a lesbian, and joined the Human Rights Campaign (HRC ), it was eventually discovered that the rate of gay/bisexual teen suicides declined for a period, and HRC claimed that this was because Ellen came out and gay/bisexual teens were buttressed by the psychological support her courage showed them, and the public support which her coming out produced, even though there was some obvious public resistance to her coming out...

"Thousands and thousands of gay/bisexual teens die, and commit suicide, one every 6 hours in America alone."

In Memoriam - Christopher Pettiet

Targeting Trevor's Teenyboppers


In 1964 Alan Ladd, star of Shane, died of " . . . an overdoes of sedatives mixed with alcohol, possibly intentional. Fourteen months earlier he was nearly killed by an 'accidental' self-inflicted gunshot wound."

In 1968 the death of child actor Scotty Beckett, who appeared in The Jolson Story was listed as " . . . a probable suicide . . . " from " . . . sleeping pills . . . "

Hollywood child star Bobby Driscoll, who appeared in So Goes My Love, " . . . became a drug addict and was arrested several times for various offenses. In 1965 he moved to New York City, where three years later (in 1968) his body was found in the rubble of an abandoned tenement, the victim of a heart attack. He was buried in a pauper's grave." Anger reports he overdosed " . . . on Methedrine . . . "

Also, in 1968, actor Ramon Novarro was " . . . beaten to death by young hustlers."

In 1969, actress Judy Garland took her own life " . . . in a locked London bathroom."

In 1977, film and rock star Elvis Presley, who had appeared in about 32 Hollywood movies, died of an apparent overdose of drugs.

Child actor Trent Lehman, who appeared in The Christine Jorgenson Story, had become " . . . a cocaine addict . . . " He returned to his old elementary school in North Hollywood in 1982, where he " . . . climbed to the top of the chain link fence, tied (a) . . . belt to the top of the fence, pushed himself off . . . and died . . . " with a suicide note in his pocket.

In 1993, actor River Phoenix " . . . collapsed and died under mysterious circumstances outside the Viper Room, Los Angeles club owed by actor Johnny Depp." Phoenix was considered " . . . one of the most versatile and prominent of contemporary, young (Hollywood) actors . . . He was 23. He had appeared in Stand By Me, The Mosquito Coast, My Own Private Idaho, Sneakers, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".


McDowall, Roddy (1928-1998)

"For many -perhaps most -child stars, life after adolescence means a decline in fame, financial and personal disaster, and, in all too many cases, substance abuse and premature death. Roddy McDowall was one of the great exceptions to the rule.

"Although McDowall never officially "came out," the fact that he was gay was one of Hollywood's best known secrets. It is a tribute to his characteristic discretion and the respect with which "Hollywood's Best Friend" was regarded by his peers that his homosexuality was never really an issue or used against him in his six decades in the entertainment business."


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