Wednesday, September 28, 2005

He got his father jailed for sexual abuse,7843,1579353,00.html

In The Guardian, 28 September 2005, Duncan F. explains that he got his father jailed for sexual abuse.

In 2004, D. F. told police in the UK, about the 13 years of rape and sexual abuse he endured at the hands of his father.

C. F. has now been jailed for 11 years after he was found guilty of 14 counts of rape and sexual assault of two young boys - D. and another victim, from 1976 to 1989.

D. F. 35, explains:

"The abuse started when I was four, when he made me masturbate him in the bathroom. It went on to rape and only stopped at 14 after I took an industrial overdose of paracetamol and had to go to hospital."

D. F. says the police made him feel like a nuisance.

"I told them [father] photographed and videoed me being raped and that, when I was about eight, brought me to meet other paedophiles," he says. "I remember one who asked, 'Can I have him?' and [father] said, 'No he's mine.'

"I asked for a second interview and the police said: 'We can't investigate everything.' It was like I was wasting their time. I know that one man named in court as a paedophile hasn't even been interviewed."

D. F. says the police have not fully investigated his accusations that his father was part of a bigger paedophile ring...

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Dunx said...

I was just wondering, what a group of convent girls is doing posting my news story on their blog??

Not that I care or anything, but Im just Curious

From Duncan

aangirfan said...

We have now slightly edited the Guardian report. We wanted to bring this story to the attention of readers in the hope that it might make more people think about the cover-up of certain types of abuse.