Saturday, September 17, 2005

Lord Londonderry


Lord Londonderry was one of those members of the British elite who admired both Hitler and Stalin.

Lord and Lady Londonderry were owners of coal mines, lots and lots of land and houses and a Park Lane mansion with 44 servants.

They were the sort of people who could understand Hitler's alliance with the rich elite; and Stalin's alliance with the nomenklatura, the rich elite.

Londonderry was a cousin of Churchill and the government minister responsible for the RAF 'at a crucial point in its existence'.

On 24 August 2004, Alan Judd, in the Telegraph reviewed 'Making Friends with Hitler' by Ian Kershaw.

Kershaw found a statuette of an SS stormtrooper on the mantelpiece of the Londonderry family home in Northern Ireland.

It was a present from Ribbentrop who had been a weekend guest of Lord Londonderry in 1936.

In 1931 Londonderry was made secretary of state for air.

He visited Hitler, went shooting with Goering and entertained von Ribbentrop.

Lady Londonderry wrote in a British paper that Hitler was a "man of arresting personality - a man with wonderful far-seeing eyes". She felt in the "presence of one truly great", a "simple man of action, beloved of modern Germany".

In 1938, Londonderry published his book Ourselves and Germany.

In Hitler's copy he inscribed: "To the Fuhrer with my best wishes and my earnest hopes for a better and lasting understanding between our two countries."

Londonderry : "Whatever the regime, if it creates efficient organisation, I feel a certain amount of admiration for it, and that is why I respect Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin."


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