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Cocaine and heroin from Columbia; drugs and top people




Britain's network of child drug runners:,6903,1593312,00.html


Oct. 18, 1999: A book by Texas author J.H. Hatfield claims that George W. Bush was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972.


The CIA is sometimes called the Cocaine Importing Agency

'In August of 1996, the San Jose Mercury News published a three-part investigation by Gary Webb into the U.S. government's links to the trade in crack cocaine in South Central Los Angeles.

'Webb's investigation uncovered links between the Central Intelligence Agency's covert war against Nicaragua and convicted Los Angeles drug dealer "Freeway" Ricky Ross, whom the Los Angeles Times in 1994 had dubbed the "one outlaw capitalist most responsible for flooding Los Angeles' streets with mass-marketed cocaine."'


Heroin in the USA.

According to the Boston Herald, on 14 September 2005, " The presence of South American heroin manufactured in Colombia has been on the rise since 1993."


Jose Miguel Vivanco is Human Rights Watch's director for the Americas.

He says the Colombian government is allowing groups that have committed thousands of atrocities, including massacres, killings and kidnappings, to launder illegal fortunes and legitimize their political power.

'The government's approach to demobilization allows paramilitary commanders to put on a show of disarming some troops," Vivanco said. "But the government has not truly attempted to dismantle their mafia-like networks, seize their illegally acquired fortunes or ensure a full cessation of abuses.'"


Extracts from a report by John Otis, 22 June 2005, in the Houston Chronicle:


Last week's United Nations' estimate had cartels producing 670 metric tons in 2004, up from 655 tons the previous year. "The trend in the Andean region has not been good," said Sandro Calvani, who heads the Colombian bureau of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime...

Justice Department "drug threat assessment" released in February stated that the availability of cheap, potent cocaine in the United States is on the rise...

Adam Isacson, an analyst at the Center for International Policy... said its members were "dismissive" of White House claims that cocaine production is falling. "They told me: 'We haven't seen any reduction in cocaine leaving the region,' " Isacson said...

Between 2003 and 2004... the CIA numbers show Peru's coca crop shrinking by 13 percent. But Peruvian drug czar Nils Ericcson claims that coca acreage increased by 36 percent.


According to Associated press, 8 May 2005:

On Wednesday, Colombian police announced the arrest of two U.S. Army soldiers for allegedly attempting to sell thousands of rounds of stolen U.S. ammunition to right-wing paramilitary death squads. They are in custody of U.S. officials.

In March, five American soldiers in Colombia were accused of smuggling cocaine to the United States aboard a U.S. military plane. They were whisked off to the United States...


Drug dealing PM?

'Spin' is the book by Martin Sixsmith, who once worked for the Blair government.

Andy Sheen is one of the characters in 'Spin'.

Andy Sheen is the Prime Minister and leader of the New Project party.

Prime minister Sheen is a former drugs dealer.


How do you become Prime Minister?,6121,1194106,00.html

From the Guardian/Observer review of 'Spin': "Apparently, all you need is a super computer program which digs up dirt about your opponents' pasts so you can threaten them and they won't oppose you.

You don't actually need a clean past yourself: it is possible to become Prime Minister, for instance, having spent a year in Colombia becoming the European arm of a major drugs operation."


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