Sunday, October 09, 2005


Peter Tatchell: "Justin Fashanu was the first and last professional footballer to be open about his homosexuality. That took courage. Others have not shown similar honesty and bravery. At the time, he and I knew of 12 top footballers who were either gay or bisexual. None have followed Fashanu's example of openness."

According to Ross Slater in New Nation, 7th. February, 2000:

"Pele, the greatest footballer of all time, has revealed that his first sexual experience was with an older man... 'It was with a homosexual that all our team used to go out with'."

The Observer Sport, 22nd. October, 2000: "Pelé blames Maradona for spreading worldwide rumours that the Brazilian had a homosexual affair with a coach - and claims the reason was jealousy. The spat between the world's two most famous footballers emerges in a new book to be published next week in Britain. Pelé and Maradona both have autobiographies released this month. In Pelé: His Life and Times, the great man dismisses the story that he had confessed a gay affair with one of the coaches in charge of young players at his Brazilian club, Santos. Pelé claims Maradona was jealous of his status - and that led him to starting the rumour last year."


Where are all the gay footballers? by Liz Kershaw in The Independent:

(The Thursday Review, 16th. August, 2001, page 17. An article based on the Radio 5 Live programme Pride vs Prejudice hosted by Julian Worricker on 14th. August, 2001.)

"It was an interview with the publicist Max Clifford that really brought home how easy it is to be yourself on radio or TV and how comparatively backward the Premiership can be. It made my flesh creep to hear him relate how the chairmen of two top clubs had come to him 'worried about top players' and how he was asked to set about 'creating a false identity' for those stars. He then arranged for them to be seen and photographed and even get engaged to 'beautiful women'.

"Imagine being forced to live that kind of ghastly lie. Sick, isn't it? And all to keep the sponsors happy and the crowds off their backs. Football. What a fantastic family game it is. David Beckham says he's happy to be a gay icon but remember how he went bonkers when he was subjected to crowd abuse over his friendship with Elton John. No wonder there are players who keep up the pretence of being straight and who are in constant fear of blackmailers and the tabloids."


Alan Miller :

"Another Scottish drama, The Book Group, took football mad character Rab and allowed him to take his ball games off the pitch but without any worthy wrangling over how his identity might be affected by his indulgence in more than one form of sexual gratification.

"A similar tack was taken in the pulpier drama Footballers’ Wives with Beckham-esque star Conrad Gates indulging in sex with both women and men, with a justification of dazzling metrosexual nonchalance that he wasn’t in fact gay but just “really liked sex”."


Footballer Freddie Ljungberg:

His good looks, stylish wardrobe and cultured character have also won him a legion of non-footie fans, including women and gay men.

Which has all led, rather predictably, to gossip about his sexuality. Freddie is unfazed by it - although when the conversation turns to women, his giggling does become more hysterical...

In November, Freddie said that he had just started to date a girl. Is he still with her?

"I won't say if it is the same girl. But I am still seeing a girl. I try to keep my personal life private."

Clearly. Freddie has rarely been photographed with a woman.

"There is always speculation about girls and stuff," he adds. "I have a girlfriend and that is how it is."

Is she English, Freddie?

"I have no comment about that," he says before flashing his devilish grin.


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