Saturday, October 22, 2005



Napoleon liked young men.

Andrew Roberts, at The Telegraph, 26 October 2005, reviewed:

'Napoleon: His Wives and Women' by Christopher Hibbert

According to Roberts, Hibbert's book is really an investigation into Napoleon's remark (made on St Helena): "Bah! Women! When you don't think of them you don't need them."

Hibbert finds that Napoleon "displayed homosexual tendencies".

Frank Richardson once wrote a book entitled 'Napoleon: Bisexual Emperor', which received little attention.

Hibbert, however, is Britain's most popular historian and his book has received more publicity.

Hibbert 'presents a Napoleon who announces that he feels physical attraction to handsome men "in the loins and in another place which shall be nameless".

Napoleon promoted and stared at attractive young men.

Hibbert suggests that the effeminate Chevalier de Sainte Croix may have been Napoleon's lover.

Napoleon is also accused of fancying his servants, Louis Constant and Roustam Raza.


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