Saturday, November 19, 2005

Download Billy Elliot (Liam)

Liam - Electricity - Children In Need REAL MEDIA FORMAT Download 6Mins 34secs (10.7MB)

MPEG FORMAT (Much slower to download but better quality)
Liam - Electricity - Children In Need Pt 1 (singing) Download 2Mins 49secs (28.1MB)
Liam - Electricity - Children In Need Pt 2 (dancing) Download 3Mins 43secs (37MB)

Substance abuse
Child prostitution
children at risk of offending
Sexual abuse
Illness and HIV
low achievement amongst ethnic minority communities

£719,689 of the money raised in last year's appeal was awarded to 21 organisations that provide help, support and advice to children affected by bullying.

Last year, BBC Children in Need gave £33,000 to Kidscape, an organisation that works to prevent bullying. Our grant paid for children who've been severely bullied to go on special courses to teach them how to deal with bullies.

£39,500 of Children in Need in 2005 donations were awarded to 4 Children, for its work on an anti-bullying programme. The money raised contributed towards the ongoing research and consultation with children and playworkers, as well as the cost of putting together a resource pack and bullying factfile for parents.


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