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Prophet Mohamed


Muhammad/Mohamed ( 570–632 )

The earliest surviving biography of Mohamed is the Life of the Apostle of God, by Ibn Ishaq (d. 768). Ibn Ishaq wrote his biography 120 to 130 years after Muhammad's death.

Mohamed ibn Abdullah was reportedly a widely travelled merchant. Muslims believe that in 610, at about the age of forty, while praying in a cave, he was visited by the Angel Gabriel. The angel told him to memorise and recite the verses sent by God. The verses spoke of the one God, the God of Jesus and Abraham. God was described as being a God of mercy. Long after Mohamed's death, the verses were written down as the Qur'an/Koran.

The Prophet Mohamed wanted to help slaves and the less fortunate.

Mohamed's closest friend was Zaid, his male slave.

Mohamed's first wife was Khadija. She was was aged forty at the time of their marriage and 'well past her youth'. Mohamed was about fifteen years younger.

Handsome fifteen year old Zaid was the wedding gift given by Khadija to Mohamed.

Mohamed and Zaid became very close friends.

Zaid's family found their son and tried to rescue him.

Zaid told his family that he wanted to stay with Mohamed. Zaid said: "I would not choose any man in preference to Mohamed. He is to me both a father and a mother."

Mohamed said: "Zaid is my heir and I am his."

Muhammad's youngest wife Aisha believed that if Zaid had not died, Mohamed would have made Zaid his successor.

Later in his life, Mohamed spent a lot of time with Zaid's son, Usama ibn Zaid.


A group of people from Mecca plotted to kill Mohamed. When the murderers burst into Mohamed's room they found Mohamed's 23 year old cousin, Ali, lying on Mohamed's bed. Mohamed had escaped.

Ali was a handsome youth. Mohamed said that "Looking upon Ali is worship," and that "Ali would appear (even) to the dwellers of paradise as a morning star."

Reportedly, one historian wrote of Mohamed: "He often made (Ali) sleep by his side, and Ali enjoyed the warmth of Muhammad's body and inhaled the holy fragrance of his breath."

Mohamed, reportedly, said: 'Ali and I, fourteen thousand years before the creation of mankind, were one light. When Allah created Adam, he split this light into two, one of which I am and the other is Ali." (Salman)


According to Shia Moslems, Mohamed appointed his cousin Ali as his successor.

Shias believe that Mohamed's companions Abu Bakr and Umar plotted to oust Ali and make Abu Bakr the leader or caliph.

The Sunni Moslems say that the leaders of the community freely chose Abu Bakr as leader.

Abu Bakr became the new leader, and this led to the split between Shia and Sunni.


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