Monday, March 06, 2006

Peter and Gordon

In The Spectator, 7 November 1998, Steven Glover wrote about UK government ministers and gay sex.

Spectator, The: Messrs Blair and Campbell didn't know about the ...

Ron Davies was a Blair government minister who got into trouble.

The Spectator article explained that:

‘The government tried to frighten newspapers off as Mr Davies's resignation became public. The Sun received a call from a government lawyer threatening action if any reference was made to gay sex.’

The Sun is a Murdoch - News International paper.

The Spectator article referred to the Sun newspaper’s attitude to former Blair minister Peter Mandelson:

‘The Sun carried a leader which accepted...the assertion that Mr Mandelson is a homosexual and went on to pronounce that `the old-fashioned gay-bashing is over'...

The Spectator pointed out :

'The truth is that Mr Mandelson does represent the most important channel between New Labour and News International, and Mr Murdoch doesn't want to lose him...'

The Spectator article continued:

‘On Tuesday the Sun carried a picture on its front page of Mr Mandelson and Gordon Brown under the headline 'Outed'.’


Ian Bell, in The Sunday Herald, 29 January 2006, wrote an article entitled: If being the only gay in the political village still matters, we’re all in trouble.

Bell wrote:

Think only of the curious case of Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer. This summer, so we must hope, Mr Brown and his wife will greet the arrival of their second child. I wish all concerned long life and happiness, sincerely. But I can also remember election campaigns in the 1990s when squalid rumours were being spread, when a certain tabloid – let’s call it Helios – had reporters swarming over Fife in search of “personal stories”, preferably squalid, regarding Labour’s rising star. Old friends of the now-Chancellor received unexpected, inquiring phone calls. Why? He had been single for a while.


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