Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sarah Payne, Roy Whiting and a conspiracy?

Sources: Rigorous Intuition: August 2005 What do kids know?,,1729054,00.html

On 1 July 2000, eight-year old Sarah Payne was snatched from a street in West Sussex, England.

On 2 July Roy Whiting, who had previously been convicted of kidnapping a little girl, was arrested for the first time. He was then released on police bail.

On 31 July Whiting was arrested for a second time and, again, released on police bail.

Did Whiting have friends in high places?

On 6 February 2001 Whiting was arrested for a third time and charged with murder.

Roy Whiting was convicted of Sarah Payne's abduction and murder, and sentenced to life in prison.

After Whiting was convicted, the jury heard that, in 1995, Whiting had kidnapped a nine-year-old girl, threatened her with a knife and indecently assaulted her. Whiting had served just over half of a four-year sentence.

Did Whiting have friends in high places?

Rigorous Intuition ( What do kids know? ) tells us that Sarah left behind a painting, displayed in her classroom, which was reproduced in the London Sun newspaper:

a man standing upon a 13-square checkered floor, between columns bearing Sarah's name.

He wears what appears to be an apron of 33 studs, and holds an object in his left hand.

His right sleeve is missing.

Investigator Ellis Taylor asks, "Where do we find black and white checkerboard floors, the number 13 and two columns? ... Who would wear an item of clothing with the right sleeve missing...wear aprons and revere the number 33?"

Rigorous Intuition refers to freemasonry.

Taylor writes:

There is a strong suggestion of paedophillia in this painting and it seems exceedingly strange that little Sarah met her death under just these circumstances. I ask you "Is this (when you consider Sarah's artwork) likely to have been the first time that she has suffered abuse?"

Rigorous Intuition writes:

Taylor doesn't deny Whiting's guilt, but wonders whether the guilt deservedly rests wholly on his shoulders:

"Is Roy Whiting carrying the can for others?"

Sarah Payne's killer in plea for early release,,1729054,00.html


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