Thursday, July 12, 2007

Media Top 5

Cover scan of Secret Service, no.255, May 15, 1903, from the collection of Larry Latham -


The Guardian produces its Media 100 list (Liberate Media: The Guardian Media 100 embraces digital)

Here's our list of the most influential bits of the media:

1. Google.

2. YouTube.

3. The anti-establishment bloggers.

4. The newspapers which are still not completely controlled by the oligarchs.

5. Facebook and other similar sites.

Here's our list of the parts of the media which are going out of fashion, because they reportedly lie to us, and are too heavily influenced by the oligarchs and the security services:

1. Rupert Murdoch's newspapers

2. Most pro-establishment newspapers

3. The BBC (with the exception of a few of its staff who still produce good documentaries)

4. Most other TV channels

5. Most big advertising agencies