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Rudyard Kipling


Dean Stockwell in Kim (The Sheila Variations: Dean Stockwell Archives)

Mowgli by Detmold - 1903 Jungle Book.

Rudyard Kipling was very keen on boy scouts and wrote a lot about boys.

Kipling wrote The Jungle Book (1894), Just So Stories (1902), Puck of Pook's Hill (1906), Kim (1901), Mandalay (1890), Gunga Din (1890), "If—" (1910), The Man Who Would Be King" (1888) and Plain Tales from the Hills (1888).

He won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

According to Raymond-Jean Frontain, Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) 'was one of the first international literary celebrities.'

According to Christopher Hitchens, in the June 2002 Atlantic Monthly (The Atlantic June 2002 A Man of Permanent Contradictions ...) :

"Kipling's most successful and polished achievement in prose, Kim (1901), is ... dependent on the idea of a double life.

"The boy is an orphan, raised to believe he is half-caste, and is 'passing' for Indian. (His father was an Irish soldier and his mother, we learn, a white camp follower.) The whole action of the story hangs on dissimulation and duality."

Martin Seymour-Smith wrote a biography of Kipling (Rudyard Kipling 1989).

Seymour-Smith believed that Kipling went in for dissimulation and led a double life.

According to Seymour-Smith, Kipling was in love with a young, American literary agent, Wolcott Balestier. When Wolcot died in 1891, a grief-stricken Kipling married Wolcot's 'unappealing' sister Caroline perhaps 'out of guilt over his homosexual desire'.

According to Christopher Hitchens (The Atlantic June 2002 A Man of Permanent Contradictions ...) :

"Angus Wilson was probably right in supposing him (Kipling) to have been in love with the young writer Wolcott Balestier, whose sudden and early death appeared to drive him to distraction. Those friends, including Henry James, who attended his bizarre, hasty wedding to Wolcott's mannish sister Caroline ... were somewhat at a loss to explain it any other way."

Kipling describes the boy Kim as having "singular, though unwashen, beauty." Kim resists the sexual advances of women. (Rudyard Kipling)

Kipling could be considered to be a bit of a right-wing militarist. Such people are usually gay.

Kipling was not good at writing about heterosexual love. His attempts were 'stilted' and 'wooden'. (Rudyard Kipling)

Kipling's closest friends were people like Henry James, Edmund Gosse, and Cecil Rhodes 'who are now recognized to have been discreet or closeted homosexuals.' (Rudyard Kipling)

Some of Kipling's contemporaries, such as writer Enid Bagnold, thought Kipling was probably gay.


Madeleine McCann, Murat, Michaela and MI5

Two sisters, Annie Wiltshire and Jayne Jensen, have told police they saw Robert Murat outside Madeleine McCann's apartment about 10.30 on the night she vanished. (SISTERS TELL POLICE: WE SAW MURAT NEAR THE APARTMENT)

This means eight witnesses saw Murat near the apartment that night and 'blows to bits' Murat's alibi that he was at his mother's house the entire night Madeleiene went missing.
On the afternoon of May 3, the day Madeleine vanished, the two sisters noticed two men acting suspiciously on the ground floor balcony of an apparently empty apartment overlooking the swimming pool of the complex where Madeleine had been staying.

At around 10.30 in the evening of May 3, the two sisters noticed a man standing and smoking a cigarette in the reception area.

The following day the two sisters went to the local police to report the two suspicious-looking men.

As the police walked with the sisters towards the apartment, where the two men had been seen, Murat offered his services as a translator. The two sisters recognised Murat as the smoking man from the previous evening.

The two sisters invited Murat for a drink. One sister, Jayne Jensen told police she thought Murat’s behaviour was strange, and her suspicions were further aroused when he said he needed to change his clothes because he had been wearing the same outfit all day.

He was dressed in a navy blue T-shirt and jeans, he was very sweaty, and his comment was, ‘I must go and shower and change, I’ve been in these clothes all day.’

“They felt that was strange as he had been in a striped shirt and trousers earlier.” (SISTERS TELL POLICE: WE SAW MURAT NEAR THE APARTMENT)

According to a report in The Daily Mail, 17 May 2007, a "secret chamber" was found in Robert Murat's home.

The hidden vault - 27 ft long by four and a-half feet high - is beneath the living room floor of Murat's villa.

Des Taylor, the British architect who built Casa Liliana in 1993, told the police of its existence. Madeleine: Police swoop on Russian computer expert's flat the ...

Marc Dutroux had a dungeon in one of his houses.

The Belgian Judge Jean-Marc Connerotte helped save 2 young girls from Dutroux's dungeon.

Connerotte was removed from the Dutroux case. (Pedophile case judge breaks down in court - World -

In January 1996, Connerotte wrote to King Albert that his investigations into crime networks were being blocked because suspects "apparently enjoyed serious protection". (Pedophile case judge breaks down in court - World -

Reportedly, one of Dutroux's accomplices, Jean-Michel Nihoul (Cached ), confessed to organizing an ‘orgy’ at a Belgian chateau which had been attended by government officials, a former European Commissioner, and a number of law enforcement officers. (

A Belgian senator stated that such parties were part of a system “which operates to this day and is used to blackmail the highly placed people who take part.” (

According to a writer at The Nation Webboard: "A judge in Luxembourg obtained documentary evidence that Albert, before becoming king, sexually abused children at parties who were provided for that purpose. The documents also implicated the former playboy prince in an orgy of ritualized murders of children that were procured for that purpose by the notorious Belgian pedophile Michel Nihoul." - Bangkok's Independent Newspaper / Selected articles « Geweten
The Security Services

"Scallywag Magazine alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats to the North Wales homes, give them boys to 'play' with, secretly filmed them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys then kept the tapes as evidence.Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring 'have met suspicious deaths'." - North Wales paedophile ring, top people, the police and the security services
Now defunct magazine Scallywag covered events at Bryn Alyn in detail
"MI5 had been aware of a homosexual vice ring operating within the Kincora Boys Home in East Belfast. Colin Wallace was instructed to leak intelligence reports on Kincora (as part of a project code-named Clockwork Orange 2) to put pressure on key people..."
aangirfan: Kincora Boys
Eight people now claim to have seen Robert Murat outside Kate and Gerry McCann's holiday apartment on the night the girl vanished. Sisters shed new light in Maddie case

Michaela Walczuch (above)

Photo from: / :: View topic - Michaela Walczuch

Michaela Walczuch reportedly claims she was at a Jehovah's Witness meeting four miles away when Madeleine McCann was snatched.

Friends of Michaela said Walczuch was at the Jehovah’s Witness meeting on May 3 and that police had confirmed this.

But church elder Brother Teofilo Castela has said: "She was thrown out of the church more than a year ago and doesn't attend."

He added: “I haven’t been interviewed by the police. They haven’t been here.”

Another witness said, "I haven’t seen Michaela all year. She’s been thrown out."

Reportedly, Portuguese detectives have not bothered to test Walczuch's alibi by talking to any of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Lagos, near Praia da Luz.

Madeleine: Now Murat's girlfriend's alibi falls apart
Murat Lover's Alibi Doubts
Maddie woman's alibi is 'false'


The Daily mirror, 20 November 2007, refers to:

Robert Murat, who was spotted near Madeleine McCann's holiday apartment the night she vanished, despite him insisting he was at home nearby.

Murat's girlfriend Michaela Walczuch, named by the Mirror as the woman spotted bundling a child into a car two days after Maddy vanished. (Witness 'saw Murat's girlfriend with Madeleine')

Michaela's estranged husband Luis Antonio, a pool cleaner who worked at the resort where Madeleine McCann vanished.

A woman has told detectives from the Spanish Metodo 3 agency that Michaela Walczuch, 34, handed over a girl looking like Madeleine to a man in a car just two days after Madeleine vanished.

The witness said Walczuch took the child from her car and bundled her into the other car in central Portugal, 90 miles away from the resort of Praia da Luz.

Independent forensic tests of the McCann's hire car have found none of Madeleine's DNA, it emerged on 19 November 2007. (MADDY: THREE ACCUSED)

Home Office-approved pathologists carried out the tests.

Portuguese police have claimed Maddy's DNA was found in the boot of the Renault Scenic and insist her body was there.

"According to sources quoted in the newspaper 24 Horas, DNA samples found in Robert Murat's house were Madeleine's." - Madeleine's DNA was found in Murat's house, police claim the ...

"Detectives say they can prove Madeleine McCann was at the home of official suspect Robert Murat. They claim traces of hair and body fluids found during one of three searches at his villa came from the missing four-year-old." - MADDIE DNA FOUND IN MURAT HOUSE

Inconsistencies in Sergey Malinka's account of his relationship with Robert Murat emerged: 'he had said he had not contacted Murat in a year but Murat’s mobile phone records allegedly show he called Mr Malinka at 23:40 on the night Madeleine went missing.' [36][37]

Friends of the McCanns stated 'that they saw Murat outside the holiday complex on the night of the disappearance when he had stated that he was at home with his mother.' [41] Disappearance of Madeleine McCann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The hire car that was supplied to the McCanns was given to them by Mark Warner it is stated in one of Gerry's blogs." - MADDIE DNA FOUND IN MURAT HOUSE

David James Smith, in The Sunday Times (UK), 16 December 2007, (Kate and Gerry McCann: Beyond the smears) writes about the Madeleine McCann case:

"Robert Murat... lived across the road from the Ocean Club with his mother at the villa Casa Liliana...

"The man Jane Tanner had seen carrying a child was walking straight towards the Murat villa.

"Murat later said to me that he told the PJ (police) the press were suspicious of him, and they told him not to worry and to keep away from the press and work for them instead. He had signed papers to become an official interpreter and even sat in during the witness interview of Rachael Oldfield...

"Murat always denied he was out the night Madeleine disappeared, but three of the McCann group claimed at the time they had seen him and still insist they were right. I was told there was at least one new independent sighting of Murat out on the night of May 3...

"There is no published evidence that Madeleine’s DNA, or any trace of her blood, has been recovered from the apartment or the car...

"I heard that a PJ officer had been surprised to find a member of MI5 at a UK meeting about the case, and this made him suspicious that shadowy forces could be at work.

"The Sol journalist Felicia Cabrita mentioned the 'mysterious Clarence' – Clarence Mitchell, the former government PR officer turned McCann spokesman – and I was told there was suspicion too about another government official, Sheree Dodd, who had acted as a PR officer for the McCanns briefly in the early days..."


In the Black Vault forums (The Black Vault Forums-viewtopic-Madeleine McCann's Disapperance) we read the following:

AULO Reis, of gazetadigital, in Portugal : Robert Murat came back to Portugal, days before Madeleine was kidnapped, and he was accompanied by another man...

Murat went to Praia da Luz, while the other man stayed near Lagos city. Questioned about this detail, Portuguese CID refused to comment...

One of those witnesses noticed that a person who was on the pictures, talking with Robert Murat and following a canine unit of GNR (Portuguese Rural Police) was also in several web pages, but near Gerry McCann, Madeleine and the twins.

The picture (1) was taken before Madeleine was kidnapped, and is clear that the place is inside the Ocean Resort. The man in question, with shaved hair, sunglasses and strongly build, appears in several photos, published in British and Spanish newspapers, among Police officers and close to Robert Murat. Our question to Portuguese CID about this man received the same answer: no comments, details of the investigation are covered by Secrecy Law.

Paulo Rebelo is leading the Madeleine inquiry. He also led the Casa Pia inquiry.

The former director of Casa Pia, a Portuguese children's home at the centre of a sex scandal, says abuse is still taking place there. Abuse continues at Casa Pia says former director

"José António Saraiva, in an article that he wrote, was the first person to say that many cases linked to Casa Pia were the fallout from wars between freemasons." - SIC Online - Casa Pia abusers favoured by new law

The Daily Mail, 20 October 2007, paints in some of the background to the Madeleine mcCann case: (Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case)
"The existence of this so-called 'magic circle' of the Portuguese establishment, allegedly involved in an international paedophile ring using boys and girls from Casa Pia, was last week likened to an earthquake waiting to shake Portugal to its foundations.

"New allegations about the scale of the network will be put before the country's highest court within the next few weeks...

"Pedro Namora, a former Casa Pia orphan who witnessed 11 rapes on fellow orphans, during which they were tied to their beds, sympathises with the McCanns. He believes elements in the force have conspired to suppress both scandals, fearing damage to the country's reputation.

"'Portugal is a paedophiles' paradise,' said Mr Namora, now a lawyer campaigning on behalf of the Casa Pia victims. 'If all the names come out, this will be an earthquake in Portugal. There is a massive, sophisticated network at play here - stretching from the government to the judiciary and the police.

"'The network is enormous and extremely powerful. There are magistrates, ambassadors, police, politicians - all have procured children from Casa Pia. It is extremely difficult to break this down. These people cover for each other, because if one is arrested, they all are arrested. They don't want anyone to know.'" - Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case


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The Classic Bully

The really bad bully tends to end up in a leading position in (1) a country (2) a company or (3) some other such institution.

The really big bully tends to be good at (1) conning you (2) seducing and bribing you (3) intimidating you.

Think of the boy at school who can charm the headmistress, while at the same time he is organising extortion rackets and the sale of drugs.

Think of the handsome politician who claims to be a devout and honest Christian, while at the same time he is supporting a policy of torture and genocide.

The Economist, 19 december 2007, has an article that makes us think that the classic bully was Mao Zedong, the former leader of China. ( Staying at the top Mao and the art of management

According to Jung Chang's and Jon Halliday's 'Mao, the Unknown Story', Mau was responsible for '70 million deaths, more than any other 20th-century leader'.

Mao was an incompetent leader. He was only interested in sex and money and power for himself.

The Economist identifies 4 key ingredients in Mao's bad management of China. ( Staying at the top Mao and the art of management ) :

1. A powerful, mendacious slogan.

This is all about conning you.

Mao's slogans included: 'serve the people' and 'let a hundred flowers bloom'.

Hitler had the slogan 'God with us'. Stalin had the slogan: 'Life has become more joyous, Comrades!' Bush and Blair have talked about a 'war on terror'.

This is all about conning you.

Mao was a fake. Michael Yahuda wrote ( Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday By ... ) 'the fabled crossing of the Dadu chain bridge, when, according to Mao, his heroic soldiers managed to cross the narrow bridge against heavy machine-gun fire, is shown to be a complete invention.'

In the real China, under Mau, 'economic growth was pathetic and living conditions were wretched.' (Staying at the top Mao and the art of management )

The real Mao liked sexual activity with the 'handsome young men in his guard who put him to bed.' (EveryMao). Mau liked boys.

In 1994, Mao Zedong's personal physician, Dr. Li Zhisui, published The Private Life of Chairman Mao. According to Li Zhisui, young virgin peasant girls were brought to Mao for sex, often group sex. (Book Review - Hungry Ghosts: Mao's Secret Famine). Mau like young girls.

According to The Economist, 'Mao lived like an emperor, carried on litters by peasants, surrounded by concubines and placated by everyone.' Staying at the top Mao and the art of management

Michael Yahuda, in The Guardian 4 June 2005, wrote: "Mao ... disdained the peasants...

"He is shown during his command of armed forces in the countryside in the late 1920s and early 30s to have lived off the produce of the local peasants to the extent of leaving them destitute...

"He derived a sadistic pleasure from seeing people put to death in horrible ways." - Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday By ...

2. Ruthless media manipulation

This is all about seducing and bribing you.

Mao was able to control what people thought about him.

The Economist asks: "So why did a vast list of Western political, military and academic leaders accept the value of Mao's brand at his own estimation?" (Staying at the top Mao and the art of management

This is all about seducing and bribing you.

According to The economist, Mao "talked only to sycophantic journalists and his appeal in the West came mainly from hagiographies written by reporters whose careers were built on the access they had to him."

Mao grew opium and made money from selling it.

This helped to enriched top people and make Mau popular. In at least one year he made $60 million. (Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday By ... ) (NYFWH 15: Mao Zedong's Opium, Manhattan Project, Gagarin ...)

3. Activity substituting for achievement

This is all about seducing and bribing you.

Politicians and company bosses like people to think that they have a plan.

They like you to think the plan will solve all your problems.

Mao had lots of plans.

"From the Anti-Rightist Movement of the late 1950s to the Great Leap Forward, a failed agricultural and industrial experiment in the early 1960s, to the Cultural Revolution in the late 1960s, Mao was never short of a plan." (Staying at the top Mao and the art of management )

This is all about seducing and bribing you.

But, as with Bush and Blair, there were problems.
According to The Economist, under Mao, "Policies were poor, execution dreadful and leadership misdirected... The business equivalent of this is restructuring..."

4. Sacrifice of friends and colleagues

This is all about intimidating you

According to Chang and Halliday, a doctor who saved Mau's life was left to die on a prison floor after being falsely accused of disloyalty.

Mao jailed or killed, or 'psychologically crushed' his opponents.

According to Michael Yahuda, during the Cultural Revolution Mau watched films of his colleagues being tortured. (Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday By ... )

This is all about intimidating you.

Michael Yahuda wrote that Mau "consciously used terror as a means to enforce his will on the party and on the people who came under his rule.

"In the course of the Long March, Mao is shown to have had no qualms in sacrificing thousands of scarce fighting men in fruitless diversions to serve no other purpose than to advance his bid for leadership." (Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday By ... )

According to Jung Chang's and Jon Halliday's 'Mao, the Unknown Story', Mau was responsible for '70 million deaths, more than any other 20th-century leader'.


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Kindred Spirits

Caresse sur l'océan
Porte l'oiseau si léger
Revenant des terres enneigées
Air éphémère de l'hiver
Au loin ton écho s'éloigne
Châteaux en Espagne
Vire au vent tournoie déploie tes ailes
Dans l'aube grise du levant
Trouve un chemin vers l'arc-en-ciel
Se découvrira le printemps

Caresse sur l'océan
Pose l'oiseau si léger
Sur la pierre d'une île immergée
Air éphémère de l'hiver
Enfin ton souffle s'éloigne
Loin dans les montagnes
Vire au vent tournoie déploie tes ailes
Dans l'aube grise du levant
Trouve un chemin vers l'arc-en-ciel
Se découvrira le printemps
Calme sur l'océan.

Caress on the ocean
Carry the so light bird
Coming back from snowy lands
Ephemeral air of the winter
In the distance your echo moves away
Castles in Spain
Turn to the wind spin unfold your wings
In the grey daybreak of the raising
Find a way towards the rainbow
The spring will confide

Caress on the ocean
Put down the so light bird
On the stone of a submerged island
Ephemeral air of the winter
Finally your breath moves away
Far in mountains
Turn to the wind spin unfold your wings
In the grey daybreak of the raising
Find a way towards the rainbow
The spring will confide
Peace on the ocean.

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CIA attempts to topple Algeria's president?

Photo from: User:Damouns
Traditionally, the army pulls the strings in Algeria and there may be elements of the army that work for the CIA and French intelligence.
There may be elements of the army who oppose Algeria's temporary flirtation with Russia.
In March 2006, Russia and Algeria signed military equipment contracts worth around $8 billion. This was after Putin had visited Algeria.

In August 2006, the state gas companies of Algeria and Russia signed a cooperation pact.

In 2006, Algeria supported Russia’s suggestion of creating a ‘natural gas OPEC’.
What is at stake is oil, gas and military bases.
The recent terror began in December 2006.
The Algerian oil and gas company then declared that it was stopping cooperation with Russia's Gazprom.

And, Algeria suspended weapons supplies from Russia.

Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Strategy and Technology Analysis Center, believes “there is a confrontation of interests between military and energy officials” in Algeria’s political elite.

“In both groups, there are pro-Russia, pro-France, and pro-American groupings which fight for their partners’ interests. At least six ‘clans’ confront each other, winning in turns,” the expert said. (One-Sided Cooperation)

Uruknet tells us about the Algeria explosions and the American ambitions

According to uruknet, 11 December 2007:

With todays’ explosions in Algeria, people should listen to two Algerians:

Louisa Hanoun, leader of the Algerian Labour Party was interviewed on Aljazeera a month ago. She said:

"The timing of the terrorist operations in Algeria and the emergence of the so-called 'Al-Qaeda in North Africa' is linked to the policy of robbing and looting the region by certain super powers and foreign interests."

Earlier this year, Hanoun was the first one to reveal that Algeria rejected an American proposal for an American military base in the Algerian desert.

Anwar Malik, an Algerian writer and specialist in Islamic movements in North Africa
, wrote an article called "Al-Qaeda in Algeria and the American ambitions" (September 2007). He wrote:

"Al-Qaeda in North Africa will attack foreigners in Algeria, side by side with other operations , in order to justify the American project in the region."


Who wants to cause trouble in Algeria?

1. Algeria's President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has had some success in making peace with the Islamists.

2. Reportedly, he has rejected the idea of an American military base in the desert.

3. He was involved in the proposal for a big deal on gas with the Russians. Algeria and Russia could jointly control up to 40% of gas supplies to the European Union

4. He has also favoured the formation of a Gas OPEC.

The consortium of gas-rich countries includes Russia, Iran, Qatar, Venezuela, and Algeria.

"The appearance of such a powerful player in the energy arena will undoubtedly meet with an extremely negative reaction from the United States and the European Union." - Cartel in the Cards - Kommersant Moscow

It is possible that the 'al Qaeda' attacks are meant to ensure that Algeria will cooperate more with the USA and France and less with Russia.

The attacks may be meant to pressure or even topple the president of Algeria.

The recent 'al-Qaeda' terror attacks in Algeria seem to have targeted mainly poor Moslems.

Reportedly, no Americans or French have been killed.

Dec. 10, 2006 — An attack on vehicles carrying foreign employees of an affiliate of U.S. company Halliburton kills an Algerian and a Lebanese citizen.

March 3, 2007 — Two land mines rip through a bus, killing three Algerians and a Russian.

April 11 — Attacks on the main government offices in central Algiers and a police station kill 33.

May 16 — A hospital bombing on the eve of parliamentary elections kills a police officer and injures several others.

The bombs of 11 December 2007 went off between UN offices, not in UN offices.

The terror in Algeria may have something to do with control of Algeria's oil and gas and control Algeria's government.

In early December 2007, French President Sarkozy visited Algeria.

Algeria and France signed contracts worth several billion euros during the visit.

The deals include oil, gas and nuclear energy projects.

In 2006, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Russia's Gazprom and Algeria's state-owned exporter Sonatrach.

This agreement, in theory, put 69% of Italy's natural gas under the control of a sole distributor.

EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs said that "Our worries are the development of the contacts between Russia and Algeria,"
Gazprom's agreement with Algeria in trouble?)

Terror in Algeria is often the work of the army. And there may be elements of the army prepared to work with the security services of the USA, France and other countries.

According to this article - Algeria: Islam, Oil & War on Terror -

"Getting to the root of the problem requires looking beyond the 'Islamist movement' and cracking down on the true source of strife: namely, the army. Operating under a thin veil of military dictatorship, Algeria’s state of affairs is being controlled by a 'military caste' that is intent on 'discrediting the Islamists.'"

In Algeria, the 'Moslem terrorists' are usually working for the security services of one country or another.

In 1991, the parliamentary election in Algeria was about to be won by the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS).

This was largely a protest vote against an 'unpopular, corrupt and dictatorial' government.

The Algerian military, supported by the French government, cancelled the 1991 election and took power.

There followed a series of terror events in Algeria and in France. This terror was blamed on the Algerian Armed Islamic Group - the GIA.

It is now believed that many of the terrorist atrocities in Algeria were the work of army undercover units.

The New Zealand Listener reported on the links between the security services and the 'Islamic terrorists' in Algeria:

"In recent years, firm evidence has begun to emerge from Algerian military sources and leading academics that the dreaded GIA has been, perhaps from the outset..., a dummy, or 'screen' organisation managed by French/Algerian counter-intelligence.",

What is the role of the USA in Algeria?

The United States is building a huge military surveillance base at Tamanrasset in Algeria.

US forces are training the Algerian military. Washington wants to provide Algiers with pilot-less drone planes.

This military base is a result of agreements signed between Washington and Algiers for oil industry development.

In addition, the United States has worked to include Algeria in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and considers Algeria one of its most important allies outside of NATO. - The Daily Star - Politics - Algeria's terror examined

In February 2001, 'The Dirty War', by Habib Souaidia, a former Algerian army officer, was published.

It tells of the part played by the Algerian army in the killing of tens of thousands of Algerians.

Habib writes: "I have seen colleagues burn alive a 15-year-old child.

"I have seen soldiers disguising themselves as terrorists and massacring civilians.

"I have seen colonels kill mere suspects in cold blood.

"I have seen officers torture fundamentalists to death...."

Robert Fisk in The Independent, January 1998, wrote about killings in certain villages in Algeria. Many of the dead were women and children; some were burned alive; some were decapitated or disembowelled. The villagers at Ouled Sahnine, Kherarba, El Abadel and Ouled Tayeb were Islamists and had voted in the 1991 elections for the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) . The killers used knives, wire and portable guillotines to butcher civilians. Whole families were herded into 'killing rooms' to have their throats cut, with shovels as well as knives. .

Algerian Genocide by France
aangirfan: Terror in Algeria
Fake terror in Algeria; the US military in Algeria; oil in Algeria.
aangirfan: Alleged use of terror by the French security services

"I would like to confirm Russia's determination to expand cooperation with friendly Algeria in the fight against new challenges and threats..." - Putin Condolences To Algeria Over Terror Attacks

"Any Significance of December 11? We will always have the tendency of looking at the date 11 in each month as a potential because of 9/11 in America and 3/11 in Madrid." - Algeria's bombings: al Qaeda strike at French-Algerian rapprochement?

"A terrorist bomb attack targeted on Sunday a bus carrying Russian experts working for Stroi Trans Gas company near Bawaish town west of the Algerian capital, an Algerian security source said." - Attack on bus carrying Russian employees W. Algeria


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Tennessee Williams and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Tennessee Williams was one of American greatest writers.

He won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for A Streetcar Named Desire in 1948 and for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in 1955. In addition, The Glass Menagerie (1945) and The Night of the Iguana (1961) received New York Drama Critics' Circle Awards. His 1952 play The Rose Tattoo (dedicated to his lover, Frank Merlo), received the Tony Award for best play.

Williams was gay, but it is not immediately obvious from viewing his plays and films.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is about a family living on a plantation in Mississippi.

There is a turbulent relationship between Maggie and her husband Brick Pollitt.

Brick does not seem to be sexually attracted to his wife.

Brick's beloved friend Skipper has killed himself.

Skipper was sexually attracted to Brick. Brick rejected Skipper's advances. Brick tries to hide his own gay feelings.

(The Hays Code limited how clearly the film could portray Brick's past sexual desire for Skipper)

Brick and Maggie are living in the room once occupied by Jack Straw and Peter Ochello, the founders of the plantation now run by Big Daddy Pollit.

Straw and Ochello were gay.

Big Daddy hints he had a gay relationship with his former bosses, Straw and Ochello.

Big Daddy sees Brick's rejection of Skipper as a betrayal.