Friday, January 04, 2008

Alexander Ivanov

Italian Scene

The Appearance of Christ before the People


Seven Boys in Colourful Clothes
Apollo, Hyakinthos and Kyparissos singing and playing.

Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov 1806-1858 was a Russian painter who favoured Neoclassicism .

In 1831 he set up home in Rome and explored much of Italy.
In Italy he painted Apollo, Hyacinth and Cypariss Singing and Playing Music (1831-1834) which was approved by his sponsors in St. Petersburg.
Apollo loved both Hyacinth and Cypariss (Cypress). The young Hyacinthus is playing the flute; Cypress is drowsing.
Around 1833 Ivanov began to plan The Appearance of Christ to the People (1837-1857). He worked on it for twenty years.


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