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11 year old Memmon al-Maliki, who, in 2003, was taken into custody by the UK military. He has not been seen since.

On 30 Agust 2010, Salon gives us some propaganda about Children in Afghanistan

"Many Pashtun men (half of the tribal members in Kandahar, according to some accounts) develop sexual relationships with boys as young as 9...

"Young boys dress up as girls, wearing makeup and bells on their feet, and dance for a dozen or more leering middle-aged men who throw money at them and then take them home...

"Even after marriage, many men keep their boys...

"As a local saying goes: 'Women are for children, boys are for pleasure.'"


In Afghanistan, during 2002, US troops captured 'at least 800 boys, aged 10 to 15', 64 of whom were sent to Guantanamo. (Afghanistan and Iraq: War Crimes Against Children.)

In Iraq, American guards videotaped the rape of young boys. (Afghanistan and Iraq: War Crimes Against Children. )


The US military tries to be helpful in Iraq.

On 1 January 2010, The Independent (UK) revealed how the UK military had a Secret Army squad which 'abused Iraqis'.

In one account the interrogators made an image which had a suspect's head superimposed on the body of the man who is sexually abusing the child.

"The photographs were of Western faces and the people looked to be around 15 to 16 years old."

The Daily Mail reported on UK soldiers 'roasting' a 15-year-old girl (Police investigate shocking video of 17 drunken soldiers 'roasting' 15-year-old girl)

According to one soldier: "They pushed two campbeds together to have sex with her and then gathered around."

On 31 August 2010, we read about a probe into an Iraqi boy, aged 11, missing for 7 years after being taken into custody by the UK military.

In 2003, in Iraq, Memmon Salam al-Maliki, then 11, disappeared within days of being taken to a British military base.

British authorities told Memmon's father his son was transferred to an American military hospital in Kuwait after 10 days.

The boy is still missing. (Iraq war: Family's seven-year search for boy.)

Omar Khalif is vice-president of the Iraqi Families Association (IFA), an NGO established in 2004 to register cases of missing and trafficked children.

In 2008, Khalif reported that four children are reported missing every week. (Cached)

It's not just the Greeks.

Boys are much loved in the USA and Europe.

A French magazine once reported that there were more boy prostitutes in France than girl, women or men prostitutes.

According to Child Prostitution 05/12/01: "One in five prostitutes operating in Glasgow is a young boy and some are as young as ten years old

According to the URSA Hustler Study (1978-1980): "our observation of the obvious: teenage boys who hustle adult homosexual men in gay neighborhoods and sex trade zones are generally themselves homosexual and seeking entry into gay life in the only way available to minors."

They tried to make out that murdered MI6 spook Gareth Williams was gay. William Hague is in charge of MI6.

Most 'conservatives' are gay?

Recently we reported that Crispin Blunt is the 11th UK Conservative MP to go public with his homosexuality since international development minister Alan Duncan 'came out' in 2002." - Crispin Blunt announces he is gay and has left his wife

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague. Brainy but naive?

William Hague seems to have upset some powerful people.

1. He criticised Israel.

In 2006, William Hague led the attack on Israel's action against Lebanon, calling it "disproportionate". (Israel to Hague: Come to see Gaza)

2. He ordered an inquiry into torture!

In May 2010, William Hague, "evidently preempting attempts by FCO and intelligence officials to cajole him into silence, announced that he was ordering a judicial inquiry into British complicity in torture and rendition since September 11, 2001." (William Hague Orders a Judicial Inquiry into British Complicity in torture.)

3. He is the minister responsible for MI6 and is therefore the boss of the spook, Gareth Williams, who may have been murdered by a certain security service. (MURDER OF SPOOK GARETH WILLIAMS: NSA; MIND CONTROL)

The powerful people are now trying to get at William Hague.

The media is reporting that UK Foreign Secretary William Hague shared a night in a hotel bedroom with his then driver Christopher Myers S

They tried to make out that murdered MI6 spook Gareth Williams was gay. They are tring to make out that William Hague is gay.




David Laws: 'I should have admitted I was gay but it was too hard'

New Statesman - Why gays become politicians


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