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Julian Mohn, star of Lost Hearts, directed by Patrick Amery.

Patrick Amery, has directed over 60 movies.

He has won awards at Film Festivals around the world - in Australia, Portugal, Canada, London, Malta, Ireland, New Zealand, the USA, UK... 

Patrick Amery has written for mainstream television and directed movies that have been shown in the commercial cinema (supporting E.T, Gremlins and A View To A Kill etc).

He also directed the well known actor Gordon Jackson in one movie. 

Patrick Amery has worked and photographed for a number of international magazines.

About - Cuchulaine Films 

British Council Film: Lost Hearts DirectorPatrick Amery, Cuchulaine Films, Arden House, 7 Stoke Road, Bishops Cleeve, Glos GL52 8RP, UK

According to a blog called Internet Predators of the UK, Patrick Amery had a website called

"Comingatyer" dodgy website owner identified

This site promoted pictures of  boy-models.

Patrick Amery reportedly sold his pictures in sets for £20 per disc to a large customer base around the world.

"Recently, it has come to light that he (allegedly) had sexual relationships with some of his child models...

"The boy models that Avery photographed between the early 1980's and 2008 were aged between 8 and 16, to date approximately 40 boys have been identified.

"Some of these boys are from areas not far from Bishop's Cleeve whilst others are from further away including Spain and Eastern Europe.

"Amery also made connections with the Continental European based photographer of boys who called himself Marcus Aurelius.

"It is understood that Amery paid the parents of his models in advance of photo sessions.

"He arranged collection of the boys to be taken to his house, where he would photograph them and (allegedly) have sexual contact with them before returning them to their own houses.

Comingatyer model.

"However, following a tip-off from one of Amery's former models who himself had been arrested for sexual crimes in 2007, police closed in on Amery's enterprise.

"Amery escaped to Spain in 2009 (where the age of consent is just 14) before police got the chance to inform him that he would not be facing prosecution in the UK in return for information he had provided them about the details of his customers around the world....

"No child has requested police to press charges against Amery in relation to any alleged sexual contact in the UK."

More here: "Comingatyer" dodgy website owner identified

Florian Poddelka, reportedly from Charleroi in Belgium, near the home of Marc Dutroux, who allegedly worked for the security services.  ( the wor)ld's worst ...)

Yahor Zalatarou, of Regpay, was one of the world s biggest commercial child pornographers, producing, selling and transmitting child pornography for people around the globe. His business partners were said to be the Russian mob. Making a million a month from the suffering of children ...

"On a Saturday morning in October 2003, federal agents raided the apartment of Chicago pediatrician Howard Marc Watzman. They found two computers with more than 3,000 images of boys and girls as young as 4 years old being sexually exploited. Mr. Watzman was later sentenced to five years in prison for possessing child pornography.

"The case is one of more than a thousand stemming from a broad international probe into a company called Regpay Co. in the former Soviet republic of Belarus."

Small reflection on the history of the industry Text-only version

"In the Middle Ages... adolescents in the age range 12-18 years were set up for marriage... 

"Naked, erotically depicted boys and girls have always been at the center of  art. 

"As photography became popular at the end of the 18th Century... erotic photos of children and young people were made... 

"Artists such as David Hamilton, Jock Sturges and Sally Mann published images of naked children and adolescents, which was at the time were considered as art...

"The photographer Jacques Bourboulon got special attention because of the his erotic pictures of Eva Ionescu...

Eva Ionesco, as Alice, by Irina Ionesco. Monarch Mind Control Methodology

"In 2002 LS Studios was founded - a group of Ukrainian businessmen and professional photographers.

"Within 2 years, LS Studios had 1500 children and young people who posed naked - with the consent of their parents. The models were even recruited through TV and newspaper ads...

"LS Studios published over half a million images and hundreds of videos on dozens of websites.

"In 2004, under the pressure of and with the help of the FBI, LS Studios was closed... No one was convicted...

"At this point I have to mention the so-called Non-Nude Child and Teen Modeling Sites that have been in existence since the 90s. These are websites that market images and videos of children or youngsters... 

" from St. Petersburg had a Visa and MasterCard merchant account with Card Service International in California, and they ran all the payments via the U.S. through a gateway link from Linkpoint... 

"Child porn was mostly scanned images of Lolita magazines of the 70s, nudism, nudist pictures doctored to show them pornographic, as well as pictures of fathers abusing their daughters...

"IWest had their headquarters in Israel and did their billing through Israeli banks which were aware of the scheme...

"At this time almost 100% of the websites were hosted in the United States...

"I have the 2001 statistics of a website containing naked pictures of children and adolescents. 

"During the month of June 2001, a total of 200 million visits to the site took place... My estimate is that there were about 15 million unique visitors during this month...

In 2009, Anand Jon Alexander, a fashion designer whose clothes have been worn by Paris Hilton, was sent to jail. He "had for many, many years been raping models who worked for him, some of whom were only 14 at the time."
"LS was in 2003-2004 the world's biggest studio providers of photographs and videos of erotica with children and young people including close-ups of genitals and breasts (but no sex)... 

"The girls were from all walks of life, participated completely voluntarily, and usually with the blessing of the parents...

Some might consider that GOOGLE and YOUTUBE are the biggest promoters of child porn. A man in the UK arrested for having more than 16,000 child porn photos is using the unique defense that it's all Google's fault for making it so easy to access the photos.

"In the field of Non Nude Modeling there were sensational reports of sales of millions. Again, I had direct access behind the scenes.

"One of the largest operators in 2004 was AMS or AModelShop.

"These websites were from Salt Lake City operated by ... a TV-celebrity called Matthew Duhamel with his server administrator Charles Graner who had a hosting company and carried out operations and billings....

"Duhamel produced images of some models himself but he bought most productions from all over the world. They were mostly girls from 9 to 13 years...

"In the case of the website of Sierra Model (which ultimately brought down Duhamel), Sierra was a pubescent girl whose mother made and offered very provocative pictures.

"With the pictures they made good money and even the daughter was so thrilled that she started skipping school. Thus, the ball got rolling: the school alerted the authorities, etc.

"Russian organized crime was called in to help in exceptional cases where one wanted the authorities to be more active to push an unwanted competitor out of the way, or to kill an idiot who couldn't keep his mouth shut..." 

Website for this image

Eva Ionesco (born on 18 July 1965) is a French actress and film director, born in Paris. She is the daughter of Romanian-French photographer Irina Ionesco.

She is the youngest model ever to appear in a Playboy nude pictorial, since she was featured at age 11 in the October 1976 issue of the Italian edition of the magazine in a set by Bourboulon. Another of her nude pictorials, in the November 1978 issue of the Spanish edition of Penthouse, was a selection of her mother's photographs. She made also the cover page of Der Spiegel.[2]

Eva Ionesco made her movie début at the age of eleven in 1976, playing a child in Roman Polanski's movie The Tenant. A short time later she was cast in movies of the mid-1970s like Maladolescenza (also known as Puppy Love).


In 1977 her mother lost custody of her children and Eva Ionesco was brought up by the parents of footwear designer Christian Louboutin.

She tried three times to sue her mother for emotional distress, and the trial is still going on through various courts in France. [3]

In 1998 the French police confiscated from her mother's apartment hundreds of photographs in which she appears at the age of five in suggestive poses and in complete nudity. [4]

Her story served as inspiration for Louis Malle's movie Pretty Baby. [5] In the 1980s, she attended the prestigious acting schoolAmandiers, directed by Patrice Chéreau and Pierre Romans. In 2010 she directed her first feature film, My Little Princess starring Isabelle Huppert.

Florian Poddelka

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