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Savile, who lived near two US spy bases. Charles Frith .

It has been alleged that Sir Jimmy Savile operated a pedophile ring with the help of Peter Jaconelli a top Conservative party politician in North Yorkshire in the UK.
"Real Whitby has consistently alleged that Jimmy Savile operated in Scarborough and Whitby in a paedophile-ring with Peter Jaconelli."

Savile and Jaconelli. 'AIR FORCE BROUGHT ABUSERS TO CHILD SEX ORGIES / Jimmy Savile; Jaconelli; Dr Who; Elm Guest House

Allegedly, the police, including Deputy Chief Constable Sue Cross of the notorious North Yorkshire Police, protected this pedophile ring.

Savile and Jaconelli child abuse ring

RAF Fylingdales, a key base for ballistic missile warning and space surveillance, is near to Scarborough and Whitby. Savile, reportedly a top spy, lived in Scarborough. 'SAVILE THE SPY'.

The BBC One - Inside Out documentary, of February 2014, featured some of the witnesses "who confirmed that Peter Jaconelli was a rabid paedophile and that North Yorkshire Police had both known of his offending and covered it up."

According to Real Whitby, "it is quite clear from the BBC, Real Whitby, theScarborough News and the Sunday Express that the police's Operation Yewtree has not properly investigated Savile" and child abuse in Scarborough, Whitby and Rampton Hospital.

The BBC Inside Out Documentary "confirmed that Deputy Chief Constable Sue Cross had not interviewed any of the witnesses to Jaconelli's offending."

Some of them are specified here.

Fylingdales is effectively a US spy base.

North Yorkshire Police "are still limiting the witness evidence available to its investigation."

Real Whitby raised its concerns with HM Inspector of Constabulary Drusilla Sharpling CBE.

HMI Sharpling ordered North Yorkshire Police to conduct further investigations.

North Yorkshire Police's Detective Superintendent Steve Smith "is still limiting the witness evidence available to the investigation."

Fylingdales forms one of three stations in the United States Ballistic Missile Early Warning System network

The United States funds the cost of the radar units. 

RAF Fylingdales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The other two stations in the network are Thule Air Base, Greenland and Clear Air Force Station, Alaska.

The data grab obtained by Fylingdales is shared with the United States, where it feeds into the US-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. 

A United States liaison officer is stationed at the base.

Savile, friend of the military.

Between 1989 and 1992, Raytheon, the US defence contractor, completed a contract that saw the domes replaced by the current tetrahedron ('pyramid') structure, housing the Active Electronically Scanned Arrays or AESA (phased array) radar.

A £449 million upgrade for RAF Fylingdales to become an NMD tracking facility is now underway by Boeing, with Raytheon as the major subcontractor.

The Independent reported that the British Government secretly agreed to a US request to station NMD missile interceptors at Fylingdales Moor in late 2004.

RAF Menwith Hill, is also located in Yorkshire and has a close arrangement with the United States.

In 2012, the Guardian reported:

"Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire (above), is being expanded in a multimillion-pound programme as it becomes increasingly vital to US intelligence and military operations, according to a study of the controversial base...

"The base, which plays a key role in the global network of the National Security Agency (NSA)... is undergoing a big construction programme.

"The study describes the programme, called Project Phoenix, as 'one of the largest and most sophisticated high technology programmes carried out anywhere in the UK over the last 10 years'.

"Work on it has been reserved for US-based arms corporations including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, and their personnel with high-level security clearance, it notes.

"Though the base is officially called RAF Menwith Hill, most of the staff there are US employees of the NSA. 

"The total number of people working there is due to increase from 1,800 last year (of whom 400 were British) to 2,500 in 2015."

Menwith Hill eavesdropping base.

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