Monday, November 20, 2006

Liverpool Lulaby

Thank You Friends
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Mother Theresa Poem

David Bohm believes there is life and consciousness in all matter. New evolutionary developments do not happen in a random fashion. David Bohm

'The U.S. was not only financing the French against the North Vietnamese, but was also financing the North Vietnamese. Why? Because the military-industrial complex is amoral and doesn’t quibble over “sides” but how to most effectively bloat the profits of war.' WHEN HISTORY BECOMES CHOPPED LIVER

Willing Servants of Evil : Intelligence Agencies The Elite

CIA guns drugs bank fraud Iraq

Sunday, November 19, 2006


In The Symposium the argument from Plato/Socrates is that beauty of the soul is more important than beauty of the body. What we should be seeking is beauty that is eternal. If we can manage to recognise divine beauty, then we will act morally. We should love the beauty of the soul and we should love all the world's souls, not just one particular one.


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